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Now, this is the customer in me taking over, and this sort of links to a thread I started last week about making product information more accessible to customers over in the Warlord forum.


Is there any way to get the Gallery categories to list all on one page?


I ask only because it has been asked of me why there wasn't a Gallery of CAV models on the Reaper site, and I had to explain to someone that there were two pages of listings, and CAV was on the 2nd page.


In fact, the first two galleries listed aren't for Reaper's in-house lines at all, but rather for Exalted and Lot5R, the two licensed lines producing minis for other company's games. (Not that there's anything wrong with that -- I've got at least one of every mini released so far for the Exalted line).


It seems to me that, unless there was something contractually obligating Reaper to put those first, the company would want to have it's own game lines more prominently displayed.

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