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Spring 2005 Mini Exchange

Digital M@

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Hello All


It is time once again to share our artistic vision and love of the hobby with what else but a miniature Exchange.


This will be run similar to the others, what I need from you is:


1. A PM with Mini Exchange as the heading/title. Include your real, address and what type of mini you would like (Fantasy/CAV/ or whatever dude)


1.5 If you are willing to ship overseas, please make a note of it in the PM


2. I would like these submitted by March 1


3. I will PM each of you with your recipient by the 15th.


4. I would like it mailed by June 15th - 90 days


5. I ask a few things from you. Please only sign up if you think you can commit to this. If after you signed up, something happens and you cannot participate, please let me know ASAP so I can find someone to fill in. I will not post your name or hold anything against you, life happens, so just let me know. Thanks


6. Most importantly, have some fun.


If you have any questions feel free to PM me

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No they are not. I really liked the concept, but I also really liked knowing who I was painting for. In the end I decided I would rather know who I was painting for. I have already received a few PMs from people who said that they would be willing to help if needed. I think/hope it will work out fine. If it is as bad this time as last, then I would whole heartedly go with HoD's idea. I hope the large discrepancy from the last one was a fluke.

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Are the new guidelines not applied to this exchange.


The guidelines that were brought up in the thread about exchanging minis after a pair of people had finished?

You know, the other topic in this catagory?

I PMed Kit this evening, asking him to lock that thread to minimize confusion. I thought it would be difficult to manage the mini exchange from a thread that already had so many pages.

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Any thought given to comparing the list for this exchange with the list from the last exchange, and trying to weed out those who didn't complete their miniature?


While I enjoyed painting the piece for the Winter Exchange, it's a disappointment to not have received anything. That said, I will be participating agian in this exchange.

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Oh yeah, if you are overseas, it might be a good idea to also let folks know if there is a duty attached if an item is valued over a certain amount, so your sender can try to avoid that on a Customs Declaration, so you don't have to get charged for the mini.

When I ship overseas for exchanges, I always send it out as a gift under $5.00 USD


As a Gift.. there's no taxes for the recipiant...I'm not sure it's legal.. but I've never heard of a problem from the person receiving it....Just a thought... :unsure:


I think we invest enough in time, effort, and love, in these so to me they are a gift


Rationalizing...maybe ..but my way of thinking :poke:

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