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Spring 2005 Mini Exchange

Digital M@

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Just mailed my exchange mini today - I have some pics, but hopefully the recipient takes better pictures than I do.... :blush:

Arrived yesterday and is really neat! I'll nudge Dracos to get pictures for me, he's the photographer of the family.


I like the dice bag, as padding too. ::P:

:B): Glad you like them!

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Just a quick note for whoever has mine,


If posible can you send it addressed to "Aaron Hartwell", cuz if my mother-in-law reads spiritual_exorcist I think the bomb squad might end up on my door. Oh the joys of living with your inlaws :blink:


I'll second the notion that a mini-exchange isn't about painting the perfect mini. I've used this opportunity to challange myself and do the best I can, and I see myself improving. When I get whatever mini I get I'll look at it and know someone put effort and ability into just for me, that is what I think is cool. It doesn't matter whether the painter is a beginner or an expert, I mean i'm certainly not even close to the calibre of many people around here.

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Generally takes about 1-2 weeks for a package to travel the Pacific to me, so I'll bunker down and wait for the bomb squad at the end of next week :)


No, I was in fact embellishing the situation, no worries, I'll just let her know about the package in advance and it won't be a big deal. I appreciate the heads up. I was actually more worried about the parcel getting sent back labeled 'wrong address, no spiritual_exorcist lives here'.


Man, I have to paint my butt off tomorrow, I'm stoked about getting my mini in the mail now that I know one is on it's way to me, I can't wait.

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