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Spring 2005 Mini Exchange

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I hate green stuff. It hates me right back.


I spent the night trying to fill a crack resulting from accidently twisting my exchange mini's torso and then twisting it back as part of the conversion and repairing a head wound from a shoddy job of drilling a pin hole. I posted a question about this in the Sculpting section. (...now I wonder if that should have gone under Conversions...?)


I kept my tools (improvised at best) wet, and let the mix cure a little before digging in, but I still ended up fighting the stuff all night. Aside from a profound lack of experience, the biggest problem was scale, narrowly edging out the shoddy tools. I think I managed a passable job, but it was work.


I have a new and deeper respect for all those sculptors who use the vile stuff to turn out such exquisitely detailed and intricate figures. My hat's off.

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Aaaah...there's nothing as effective like a deadline to get rid of painters block. :blush::B):


Aside from needing another coat of sealer, my mini is done and will be shipped out on monday. Hope it will survive the trip over the pond.


Will post some pics in the show off section tomorrow.

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