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Has anyone done it ever???


What is PBEM???

"Play By E-Mail"

It is role playing as a person in the CAV related Universe.


You could select anyone you really wanted.

Pilot - be it an Aircraft or CAV

Tech/ Mechanic - where ever - onboard/ or even a repair shop.

Noble - someone with Gov Power.


Possibilities are unlimited...

I was in a Star Trek PBEM and loved it, till it died...

Lack of Participation.


How it works -

Players hook up via email, sending emails back and forth. It can be multiple players sending group emails... 2-3 is best.

Adding and taking away from each other's story...

After about 3-5 emails back and forth, the story line is pasted to a story website... i.e. Forum, a Newsgroup or where ever.


Rules of engagement for "Player versus Player" - would be monitored by the hosting Game Master. Killing a PC and Personal NPCs is against the rules, unless the owning player agrees and wants to start over a new character.


It gets pretty interesting as the story proceeds and unfolds - Love, Mystery, Humor and exciting moments.

It can be Rated G, but it can be taking up to a R Rating for adults. Not so much the relationships (guy/ girl or whatever), but swearing and cursing makes for an interesting scene.

Example, CAVs going against enemy CAVs, as the Missiles coming screaming in, your CAV takes damage to leg Gyros and you can't keep up with your Unit on Patrol. You start to curse out a few colorful wordsas the the Squad Leader Com-Links with you. He says, "You are on your own Trooper!!! See you back at base.."


I would love to do this with CAV, but I can't Host or Game Master this.

Anyone with any Info please comment.

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Top Posters In This Topic

If it ever fires up, count me in.


PM me and I'm there...

What he said.

I'd be interested also... as long as the updates were somewhat regular.


The only two I've ever been involved in weren't good experiences due to it averaging a month to get an update.

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