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Froggy the Great

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It's only a plastic moddel....



It is a silly place.


Looks great, by the way. If this is the company I'm thinking of (think I've got this castle, and maybe a wooden fort), isn't it 1/72 scale? This would be 22mm, more or less.

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Honestly I don't know if this is 25 mm or 22 mm, or 20 mm scale, but curiosity made me google, and I found this. Whichever way, it's a cool castle.

I declare Jihad!


Actually, I stand corrected... 20mm = ho scale = 1/87

I'm used to "fudging it" with wargamers who like to do "20 mm", but often use 1/76 scale models.



*beats head* STUPID STUPID STUPID! ;)



My bad! Still doesn't detract from a neat castle :)

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I like it. I need one for my orcs..so they can look even BIGGER..and hopefully badder (in spite of their sugar-sweet nature)


Now we know why you've been busy building all those siege engines. :)


What you need now ..is a MOAT!

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