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Mil-netters Vs. Reaper Peeps

Saint of Sinners

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As stated by Mad Pat, Reaper has the honor of selecting the battlefield while Mil-net will get to choose the weapons. All terms are subject to change depending on agreement from both sides.


Three on three team combine arms deathmatch


1800pts (spend how ya want)


scenrio rules in effect:

1. limited defensive fire

2. hybrid flight mode (and yes that includes AA)

3. the few, the proud.


Since none of the admin. of Mil-net will be present at RCon they will be allowed to pick and chose their champions from a list of volunteers. Just to be fair, Reaper would be allowed that same.


All players must have at least one CAV painted in their respective team colors (ie. white and blue trim for Mil-net). Upon losing the CAV will be handed over to the winners of the match as a trophy.


The prize!


To the winner:

1. a warm fuzzy feeling they beat the snot out of their opponent.

2. Their opponent's "Trophy" CAV

3. the chance to force the opposing to perform some silly stunt in front of the whole RCon (ie do the chicken dance while singing "Oops, I did it again" or wear a sailor moon outfit). The stunt must be agreed upon before the con by all parties. (Please, note that all props to be used by the losers must be acquired by the winners.)



Also Chrome has up the stakes with the extra incentive of chosing the losers Tagline on Mil-net's forums.

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Top Posters In This Topic

All terms are subject to change depending on agreement from both sides.


Sence they made the comment we offered what we would like to see.


If it is desided that they would like to have open CAV's will full modifications and rebuilds then so be it.


Though at that point we'll probably want a third party to glance over all the units for validation. Not saying any one would cheat but just so there is never a question on either side.


Mad Pat

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Ok, I'm thinking stock CAVs with usual upgrade options (Armor, MM, wizzo ect.)


And just to throw Spartan a bone, 2000 pts to spend per person or 6000 per team. Left over points are transferrable to yer fellow teammates.


One more thing, with CAV-RC, it shouldn't be difficult to validate legal sections. And I'm sure by now, everyone should have the program.


Patiently, awaiting counter offer... why do I all of a sudden feel like I'm dealing with a Clan... :huh: I bid a star and two points. :upside:

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I agree with Pat. If you don't use CAV-RC to create your force I would want a disinterested third party to look it over too. Not because I think someone would knowingly cheat, but because mistakes happen. I once designed a killer Car Wars car and after I put it on the board to play I realized it had no engine. :upside:


2,000 points is getting better. ::):


We really have to pick one location for all this haggling. Part of it is on Mil-Net and part here. :wacko:


It doesn't matter to me wether we use custom units or not. I would add the stipulation that if you play a custom unit, it must be accurately modeled. For example, if you use the Falcon cannons on a Starhawk, they need to be hanging on the end of the arms. But I'm not such a stickler that I would require the Conqueror's actual IFM be placed on a Sovereign that was using it. Make sense? ::):


I want this to be fun for everyone. ::):

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Just to make it simple, I say Stock Model. Otherwise, everyone starts to min/max their units and then there is less attention on Stratagy and tactics. Besides this is just a friendly match (unless the loser has too wear a sailor moon outfit :wow: then all bets are off).


I think we'll keep the haggling on this thread (Board) and use the other thread (mil-net's) to answer questions.


Also on Mil-net's board is the Volunteer's thread for those who wish to do a victory dance on the crumpled remains of Pat's CAV ::P:

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for those who wish to do a victory dance on the crumpled remains of Pat's CAV ::P:

I hope to see my 'Hawk VI doing that very thing on top of his 'Hawk VI. ::P:




Yeah, you're right. We should keep it simple. I mean look who we're playing. ::):

Oh so now you want to fight for Mil-net <_<


you mercenary scum ::P:


just remind me not to forget the happy meal fer ya :poke:

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Hey alright!! The Mil-Net guys have an ace in the hole, better known as Ladystorm. HEH!! This should be easy then, it could be 4 on 2 half way through the game!!




For an explination on my statement see Cher and ask her about Strat cav at Gen Con 2 years ago!! LOL


@Cher, You know you will never live that down right!!! LOL ::P:

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