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I'm wondering if the existing rules allow for custom faction/army building? (My Warlord rulebook is still enroute, so I haven't had any exposure to the rule set yet.) What I would ultimately like to do is to use Warlord for the skirmish system for my D&D games, so would need to design different factions to suit the campaign world of the moment.


(I finally finished building my Warlord last night. A Ral Partha-Reaper hybrid built from the Spider Centaur and the OOP Birthright Ral Partha Tal-Quazar (also known as "The Spider"). The army is a comprised of spiders, spider-things, goblins, gnolls and other oddities. (I want to give this mainly spider-goblin host a demonic feel.) I'll try and post some pics of the conversion later today.

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