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"Excuse me soldiers, do you mind if I step down and stretch my legs?" Asks Gel as he nods very slightly to confirm to the Briton that he did indeed see that. "I appreciate I'm about to die, but that don't mean I's gotta have cramp in me legs do it?" Gel flashes his most benign smile at the soldiers.

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The man says to the Russian officer, "Sadly you have little time to learn from a true master. Perhaps you have heard of 21 or blackjack. Right now I could just play a game of Go Fish I'm so bored."

He proceeded to shuffle the cards then he spread them out on the truckbed so that each card was overlapping the next one, with a deft movement he began to cause the pile to flip from face side to backside 3 times very quickly. Then with a deft motion he reassembled the deck and performed more card tricks.

He turned to his companions is death and said, "anyone else up for a game of poker or something. Its a good way to the pass the time."

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Depressingly Brad offers to join the game, "I guess I am in, for a quick hand, but I would also like to go outside to stand up and stretch. Maybe some movement will shake the cold from my bones." Speaking up to one of the guards, "Hey Red, can't you let us out for a stretch and some fresh air, those cardboard cigs of yours are killing me. You know those are bad for your health."

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Looking up at you, the soldier named Vasily shook his head.


"Remain in the truck, prisoners. We will leave soon..." he said, pointing to the approaching Commisar.


As soon as the Commisar reached your truck, you heard thunderous gunfire blasting through the air. Suddenly, screams and gunshots can heard as the Soviets and the unknown attackers traded bullets. Those who spotted the ducking man behind the ruined car, spotted him again, now with an RPG launcher. He fired, and the explosive slammed into the side of the troop carrier behind you and demolished it, taking at least three soldiers to their deaths.


At least a dozen attackers charged towards the Soviet, but the returning fire from the Reds cut a handful of them down, the others taking cover behind pieces of rubble and railing.


"Stand... Stand and fight!" You heard the Commisar shout desperatly, but he did not follow his own orders. He was trying to climb aboard your truck, as he commanded the two guards to fight.


As Yevnig and Vasily reluctantly entered the fight with their rifles loaded, the Russian officer pulled out his PSM Russian service pistol, and brandished it at you to keep control of the prisoners. Then, a precise shot from the attackers flew across the air and struck the man in the back, and the officer dropped his pistol and fell out of the truck and onto the snow.


His pistol clattered onto the floor of the Russian truck...



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