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In the ensuing chaos, most of you take actions against your communist captors.


Seeing the Commisar being shot in the back, Jake quickly scooped his PSM Russian service pistol up, and fired two shots into the Russian. The political officer, already critically wounded and lying on the snowy ground, was killed by the two shots, one through his chest, the second through his neck. The man lied dead in the snow, his eyes wide open in shock and blood streaming from his chest and neck and onto the white snow.


Brad, Nicholas (spartan), as well as Ian remained in the truck, but could hear the truck driver struggling inside to get the prisoner truck started. You could hear panicking curses in Russian, and it was safe to assume the Soviet driver might have been wounded...


Daniel distracted the guard (the seargant) with the card flipping, and took Vasily down in a tackle. The gun was wrestled from the Russian's hands, and a swing of the buttstock to the stomach, and the man was sent to the ground. Daniel is now armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, and Vasily is lying in the snow, unarmed and struggling to get back up on his feet...


Gerald, taking advantage of the situation, jumped on Yevnig, but this one Soviet caught the move. The Russian blazed away with his AK, and a bullet grazed Gerald's left leg. However, the tackle knocked the Russian off his feet, and the two are now rolling in the snow, desperatly trying to grapple the gun from the other's hands...




OOC- Brad get's a new action for this turn, as he doesn't jump and bite the guard, with Daniel being successful in his attempt...

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This is the opprotunity that Ian had been waiting for. He slips off his shackles as if they were just setting on his loosely, and slides out of the back of the truck hitting the ground hard on his hands and knees. He crawls over to a guards body and grabs the small keyring he had been following the whole week that he had been captured.

He slips back in the truck flinching as bullets whiz by. There in the front is the lock box that contained all their belongings. He unlocked it after several attempts and gathers his belongings from the wooden box.

Ian then slips quietly out of the vehicles bed and steals a coat from off of one of the guards., and takes cover under a vehicle in the area, awaiting the outcome.

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The firefight continued, with the attackers gaining the upperhand. The troop carrier was being flanked by the insurgents from both sides now...


Daniel, taking the upper hand, began shooting at the guard Gerald was struggling with. Because the two were so close to each other, the bullet slammed into the Russian soldier's chest, pierce through it, and exited out the other end only to pierced the next object in it's path: Gel's upper arm. Daniel also noticed that, in the corner of his eyes, the other Russian soldier was on his feet, but his arm was clutched over his stomach,where Daniel had rammed the stock of the rifle in a disarming attempt.


Gerald, now with a painful but minor bullet wound in his left arm and a flesh wound on his leg, easily succeeded in taking the Russian's AK-47 from the man's unresisting hands. However, Yevnig was not dead yet, but he was in great pain, and struggling with his torso wound. His hand was clutched over his chest, and he raised his other hand, as if to surrender.

"I stop! I stop! Don't shoot!" he pleaded.


Ian, seizing the opportunity to gather his belongings from the locked trunk on the truck, took the keys off of the Commisar and used it. In his flight for cover, he took the slightly blood-stained coat off of the only Soviet who wore a coat, the Commisar. As he ran for cover, he noticed an insurgent was shouting to him.

"Halt, Ivan! Halt, or I'll blow your goddamn head off!" the American rebel shouted, raising his own rifle to aim. Ian remembered that he himself had nicked a Russian coat and is now either wearing or carrying a major part of a Soviet officer's uniform. Not a good thing...


Jake, hearing the Russian driver get inside his truck, began shooting into the metal side of the truck, hoping the bullet would pierce through it to hit the man on the other side. The pistol crackled from the shots, and you heard a grunt. Suddenly, there was a thump, and you feel the truck surging forward. The dead driver had slumped over the manual transmision, and the truck was speeding blindingly towards the nearest object, a ruined wall. The truck collided, and all of you who are inside the vehicle are violently tossed around from the impact. Jake found that he did not have the pistol in his hand anymore, and felt bruised and sore. There was a heavy smell of gasoline in the cold air...


Brad rushed up to Gel and Yevnig, and found that Gerald had the gun now, and Yevnig was bleeding on the snow, pleading for his life.


Nicholas, his belly on the floor of the truck, found a half-smoked Russian cigarette. As he reached for it, the truck moved and collided into the wall, and he, along with Jake, was tossed around. He recovered from the crash unharmed, but sore. However, his nose smelled gasoline as well...

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Brad looks at those around him and determines Yevnig is the worst injured. He begins to search Yevnig for bandages. "Yevnig, do you have any bandages in your pockets? How about a knife? I need a knife to cut the clothes away from your wound. The good news is that the wound does not look fatal. Don't let the blood scare you."

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Hopping out of the bed of truck and grabbing his coat and shoulder holster from the box containing the party's gear he shrugs into his shoulder holster and starts yelling for everyone to get away from the truck because it's leaking gas.



Looking around for anyone with unfriendly idea's, Nicholas takes a moment to pull on his thigh length, naval style coat over his heavy sweater. Pulling out his Browning .40 and checking the load before looking around for any non-Russians that might need help to evacuate the area around the truck..

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Daniel looked at the Officer and realized that the coat was missing. He looked around and sees Ian wearing it. Daniel yells at the insurgent who has the gun trained on Ian, "Don't shoot that Idiot. He's just a dumb capitalist who grabbed the wrong coat."

Daniel slowly advances on the two and says to Ian, "Now I'll be glad to help you out more if you give me back my lighter and cigarrettes which are in the right inner jacket pocket."

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Seeing one of his companions help the poor unfortunate russian soldier, Gel raises the rifle to his shoulder and flicks the safety to semi-auto. He then looks around for any Russians who've still got some fight in them....


"I'm gonna need his spare ammo." Gel says to Brad as he looks around the area.

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