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With all the scuffle that was going on, an insurgent stepped forward, his gun held in a relaxed stance. He first looked at the Russian prisoners, and pointed to Vasily.

"You, Ivan! Pick up your wounded friend there!" he said, indicating Yevnig, who was now bandaged and stable.

"No tricky move from you, got it?" he said, as the Russian hoisted his comrade from the ground, and the five Soviet captives were escorted in the direction of the garage by two armed resistance members.


With that, the leader whistled, then gestured for the rebels detaining Nicholas and Jake, and the insurgents eased their weapons down. He took a step towards all of you, and look at each of you carefully.

"Don't look like no Ivans to me, do they now?" he said to one of his men with a chuckle.


"Alright, we can't leave you here. You're gonna come with us to our hideout, but no tricky business, alright? Try anything funny, and I'll cap you myself." he said, then reached into his pocket for a flask. He took it out and tossed it to Brad, who was tending to Ian.


"Give him a drink of it. It's vodka. It might keep him warm... When you're ready to move him, tell Jackson here to help you carry him." he said, nodding to one of the insurgents, then reaching down into the snow to get the dead Commisar's officer-issued cap, and tossed that over to Brad as well.


He turned to the rest, and pointed to the garage.


"The rest of you, you'll being going over there. There's a manhole that leads to the sewers. We're gonna travel that way..." he said, then walked over to the troop carrier (the last truck that was still intact) and began taking any weapons or ammunition from the dead corpses (both Russians and Americans).


Any insurgents not looting the corpses began escorting the Russian prisoners, as well as all of you, to the garage.

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OOC.. Manhole?? Where ARE we?? I thought we were out in the woods of North Carolina somewhere. :wacko:






Nicholas searches the Commissar's body for his lighter.



OOC.. If I don't find it I'll search the Commisar's coat for it. If I still don't find it I'll make an announcement asking if anyone found a steel Zippo with some engraving on it. I'm also looking for my extra magazines for the Browning.

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November 22, 1992. 0600 Hours.


The trucks stopped on a highway entrance somewhere near Soviet-occupied Fort Bragg. You guys are all inside New York City, and the urban landscape is snowy and somewhat in ruins after the Soviet invasion. There is a garage/lube shop nearby, where the manhole is.


Sorry for the confusion... ::(:




Last you have seen, the Commisar had Daniel's lighter in his coat. Nicholas's lighter might be in that same coat pocket as well, but Ian is wearing it.

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Daniel quickly gets up and brushes off the snow and moves over to Ian. He begins to go through the pockets of the coat and procures his lighter and his cigarettes. "These are way better than the crap those Russians get in their rations," he says with a grin while he makes his way into the workshop and down the manhole.

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As you all are about to be escorted into the garage, and down the manhole, you notice an insurgent (a young one, probably Hispanic) spying out onto the snow-covered freeway with a pair of binoculars. There was a cloud of drifting dust coming from the distant highway far to your left, but you can't really make out what it is.


"We got traffic, dude! T-72, comin' from the West!" he shouted.


"Alright, go with them, kid! I'll be right behind ya!" the insurgent leader shouted back, then pulled a grenade out from his combat vest.


The last sight you saw before being hurriedly pushed into the garage by the rebels, was of the leader tossing the grenade into the driver's window of the troop carrier.


A muffled explosion was heard before all of you were made to climb down into the sewers of Brooklyn...



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Chapter 1-


The fall of Europe under the Warsaw troops marked the beginning of what might come to be known as “World War Three”. The United States tried to send troops to aid their allies, but the state of pandemonium the West was in gave them a severed disadvantage. Naval convoys to Europe were harassed, destroyed in several cases, by constant attacks from Soviet submarines using Red Route 1 to sneak past several submarine patrols. The US troops failed to pry the Soviet forces loose, and Germany fell, followed by France, then Britain after a costly amphibious assault. Minor European countries were either overtaken by Warsaw troops, or signed treaties/joined up with the Warsaw Pact. In the East, Japan fell under a massive invasion from China, whose countless numbers of troops, enraged at the lost of Hong Kong in the nuclear bombing, swarmed the island country after the construction of China’s Navy. South Korea fell again into conflicts with North Korea, but was defeated by their Communist kinsmen, who were backed by the Russian and Chinese battalions fighting in the Southeast Asian theater. Russian forces from Siberia disembarked across the Bering Straight, and consolidated themselves in Alaska and parts of northern Canada. Several bombing raids of Honolulu, followed by a blockade of battleships, isolated Hawaii from the US, and severely hampered the US Navy from aiding Japan and Korea in the war.


After two months of warfare, the European theater was, more or less, effectively over. The Southeast Asian theater was drawing to a close as well, with South Korea being assimilated into one communist country, and Japan on the brink of surrendering to the Chinese troops. As Warsaw Pact tanks rolled across the ruined streets of London and Paris, a massive Soviet fleet gathered almost unchallenged at Russian shipyards and naval bases. From Polyarnyy, a large contingent of Soviet submarines was put to sea. Within days, the Atlantic was left peppered with the wreckage of US Navy ships from the Atlantic Fleet as well as several ruins of Soviet crafts.


However, the Soviet operation succeeded at heavy costs from both sides, and the Red Fleet blockaded or destroyed several important US shipyards and harbors, including Portsmouth and Norfolk (the largest naval shipyard in the United States). The main convoy fleets landed on Cuba, and secured the island before readying themselves for Operation: Red Dawn. The Soviet blockades continued, with the fleet receiving reinforcement in the shape of the newly finished Ulyanovsk, the first Soviet super carrier, backed by Kiev-class and Kuzenetsov-class carriers. The aerial and naval bombardment of Norfolk by the Soviet carrier group heavily damaged US Navy command, and reduced several US NAVY assets to ruins.


With the US Naval forces crippled, the main invasion of the East Coast began...








November 22, 1992. 0860 Hours.


You all find yourself in a large, echoing sewer passage, under the city. The temperature was much warmer then that of the winter chill on the surface, but the air smelled rancid with sewage. The darkness was broken by occasional burning barrels, placed on walkways to light the way to any important locations and also to act as a form of guide in the maze-like sewer system.


The insurgent leader climbed down last, after securing and locking the sewer grate. He looked at the prisoners, then down the sewer passage that was lit by the barrels.


"Our hideout is that way. This place should be safe from the Reds. Rest a bit at that barrel over there, then we'll have to get to our hideout as fast as we can." he said, then pointed to the first beacon barrel.


It was rusted, but was blazing. It produced decently lighting around it, and seemed warm enough, especially after that cold ride...

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Ian, with assistance from Brad moves towards a barrel. His fingers had become discolored and he had spots of frostbite on him. He made his way over to the flaming barrel and started to warm his hands and body in hopes of shaking off the hypothermia he was suffering, for being so unseasonally dressed.

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Now that he's warmer and a little less anxious, Gel's training kicks in. As he sees Ian struggle to warm himself he walks over and grabs his hands. Gel then begins to rub them within his own hands.


"This'll get the blood circulating again, and warm you up some." He then looks around him. "What happened to the Ruskie's coat? You're still losing heat, and that'd have been really useful right about now."

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