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Minis You Would Like To See Part II


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Hey, ECS05 Norway,


The Pirates of the Dragonspine sea are good figures. I bought the set some time back and really got a good look on the captain and the pirate chick. I did some mod to replace the captains gun with a dagger, but that was my need to fit our dnd game. The gun looked good to start with. The young pirate guy is good enough to be a PC. pegleg is ok, but mostly good for "color."


Can I put in another request for the tavern folks? Yes, I want seated adventurers and seated townsfolk. I know how stupid that sounds, but I build 4 inch square dioramas that I plop down for table dressing for the dnd games. A couple folks eating and drinking at a table go real good with the barmaster and tavern girls already in production.


Foot note: I love the townsfolk. all of them. They give me good people with real character so my players can SEE who might be around to get hurt by their endless-chain-o-fireballs.


I like the simple attire of the townsfolk too. Keep it up.


Once more: I want halflings with boots on. Nice boots, with maybe some leather tooling and fancy buckles. please.

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"Fish boots?"




Sorry..had to quote a bit of Suicide Kings there.


Strange thing about tavern patrons though, at least in our RPG games, is that they always still manage to end up with weapons drawn or fists a-swinging...rather like the existing Warlord models.


But you know... Thug-Wielding-Chair would be alot of fun to plop into the middle of a brawl-scenario!


How about Housewife-With-Rolling-Pin?


I could pose?

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Well, I have a halfling with a rolling pin, and she is one tough momma.


Got her and a shovel-master husband from Citadel minis.


But I'd pay for a thug with a chair or milk stool in hand.


Have you read the Steven Brust books of the "Khavren/Count of Adrilankha" line" One of the lackeys carries a milk stool and does well with it. (It was all written in homage to Alexandre Dumas, so that is the frame of reference for you).


And a woman with a pair of sheep shears or a gelding knife. Yeah, add that to a bar fight and watch the he-men shudder.


And a half orc gal with someone's arm in one hand and a will to beat someone bloody with it.


And I'd like to see a barmaid chucking a spittoon.


Not to mention a new barkeep with a table leg in one hand.

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How about a half-orc brandishing a halfling?


Or some Joe-Shmoe throwing a beer mug?


Or some Joe-Shmoe getting hit in the face by a beer mug (which would save us having to paint his face)?


And a cowering bard. Got to have the Cowering Fr00ty-Elf Bard.

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And has anybody told you guys how awesome you are for asking what we want to see? Because you are. Yes, you are. Awesome. Thanks.

What's even more awesome?


They take our considerations under advisement!


In fact, we've gotten many minis that were originally requests, such as young mages, a moose, and Egyptian God minis. :wub:

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The current line is great.  Many, many of the miniatures look like they've leapt off the pages of 1e AD&D books and that's a good thing in this grognard's mind.  The only request I have is:


Less dungeonpunk, more Dungeons & Dragons.  Funky curved swords along with spiky and impractical armor do not impress.  More stuff like backpack wearing and lantern-carrying adventurers, please!


Also, a set of "tavern patrons" would be great.  Even "adventurers at the tavern".  Brom on a barstool, as it were.

im not sure what you mean by dungeonpunk.


personally i really like thway alot of the new minis have come to look.


it shows that reaper is evolving, they're mocinv in new, different directions and they are not afraid to try new things.


if you want more of the same thing over and over again, they are plenty of old Garrity minis in the 2000-2500 range that should fit the bill. they all have the same faces and some pretty static poses.


me, ill take the fresh stuff that edgy artists (like trav) and sculptors (gene van horn, and bobby jackson, of course werner klocke, and even sandy garrity's new stuff-go sandy!) are coming up with.


the art of miniatures, like everything else, must evolve. if it does not, then it stagnates. i loved my ral partha and grenadier too, but they are gone (though ironwind metals still produces the old stuff, and some decent new stuff too)



on that note, it like to cast a vote for more gnolls and kobolds. Mr seins, how much do we have to bribe you? i want to see character types as well as basic monsters-gnoll druids, rangers, kobold sorcerors and fighters in armor.


oh yeah, and a decent dwarf thief.

I repeat: dungeonpunk = NO GOOD


You can have stuff that's fresh and exciting without resorting to mohawked dwarves and rail-thin halflings with nose piercings and impractical jagged scimitars. IOW, stuff that looks like it leapt off the pages of WotCs horrible little d20 FANTASY VERSION THREE SERVICE PACK ONE books.


Copping that condecending attitude that all I want is bland, uninteresting sameness is either you being ignorant or deliberately trying to insult.


Either way, you can keep those spiky balls of road-warrioresque metal to yourself.


I'll take REAL D&D-esque minis any day of the week. Fortunately the large part of Reaper's catalogue bears out my tastes.

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Grungy, dirty, generally nasty men that could be used as brigands, or just dirty thugs in the bar.

Someone should make some bandits with large swords kinda like the ones in FABLE for Xbox. That would me cool. THey could be mercs too i guess.

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