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CAV 2 Closed Beta v1.1


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When Conducting Movement, the Infantry Model has two possible Movement Classes and Movement Values. The Mov value printed on the Data Card is equal to the Model's maximum movement when using its Air MClass. While using its Air MClass the Model uses all Movement Class Modifiers for Air. Optionally the Model may use its Foot Movement Class Modifiers, but the Model's Mov is now 4 instead of the printed value.


When Conducting Movement while using its Air MClass, the Model is subject to all Special Attributes, Upgrades, or Instants that affect Gunships conducting Movement (AA, Hover Drone Mines, etc.). When using its Foot MClass to conduct Movement it is subject to all Special Attributes, Upgrades, or Instants that normally affect moving ground based Models (Scatter Mines, etc.).


Jump Infantry must pay to change elevation equal to the +1 per elevation level as normal multiplied by the Vertical Obstacle modifier of x2. Thus it would require 10 Mov to gain 5 Elevation Levels (+5 for the 5 Elevation Levels x2 for the Vertical Obstacle multiplier). Going down Elevation Levels still requires half this amount to land in a controlled manner. Thus going down 5 Elevation Levels would require 5 Mov (see above calculation divided by 2). There is no forward Movement included in a Vertical Climb; therefore a Model must still pay to move forward (for example, beginning its Movement in base-to-base with the bottom of a building, the Model would still need to reserve at least 1 Mov to move forward onto the roof of the building).


A Jump Model must begin and ends its Action Phase on the ground (or on a building ledge, cliff, terrace, mountain, roof, etc. if changing elevation) as normal Infantry. Therefore all enemy attacks that occur during the enemy Model's Action Phase, etc. are conducted against the Jump Model as if it was a normal ground based Infantry Model. However, Jump Infantry may conduct their Ranged Attack(s) "on the bounce" if Performing a Run and Gun Action. The Jump Model must have enough Movement remaining to safely land (as per the guidelines for changing elevation above) after their attack. All enemy Defensive Fire is performed against the Jump Model at its elevation at the time it attacked. If a Jump Infantry Model with Tough is Stunned while "on the bounce" due to Defensive Fire, it impacts and is considered automatically coup-de-graced. Likewise if the Model fails to allocate enough Movement to safely land, it impacts and is also considered automatically coup-de-graced (even if it was undamaged).


While the massive T-Gel fuel consumption of these types of infantry is beyond the scope of most games of CAV; in Campaign play, Jump infantry gain the SA "Ammo Hog" to represent the drain they cause on supply lines.

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Can I just recommend that we give the datacard a split 4 / 10 Mov stat, and instead of writing Ammo Hog into the Jump Special Attribute rules just add it to the Jump Infantry datacard as an SA all by itself, since it's only used in campaign play anyway.


Remember, K.I.S.S.


Other than that, I like it


Also, it was very funny to me that winamp was playing House of Pain's "Jump Around" as I wrote this response. . .

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Can I just recommend that we give the datacard a split 4 / 10 Mov stat,


We'll see, not likely.


and instead of writing Ammo Hog into the Jump Special Attribute rules just add it to the Jump Infantry datacard as an SA all by itself, since it's only used in campaign play anyway.

Yes we can do that

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Ok, with GAMA coming up we may not have the ability to test these as strongly in-house as we'd like in the upcoming weeks so we need them tested simultaneously by our beta folks as well as in-house. Those of you with the datacards that have points need to test these out and see how they play.


Those of you who were part of the Warlord Army ability tests should remember the process. This is stage one, the "Alpha" list. After testing it should be determined which armies are "uber" (meaning their alpha list is fine where it is) and which armies need tweaks to bring them up to the "ubers" (which is stage 2)... the hope is that they're all balanced already with the alpha list but we'll see. "Freelance Companies" already have their "Uber" in that they can select from every Model in the game (except Psyros) thus selecting Models based purely on its data card's merits.


Obviously you won't be able to test the Campaign Play bonus since the campaign play appendix has not been released yet.


Appendix ?: Army Special Abilities



Masters of Energy

All Adonese weapons ignore the Deflect SA of their enemies. All Adonese Models that do not already have the Deflect SA gain it as well as a +1 ECM, including Infantry.


Campaign Play Bonus: Cultural Sensitivity

When a Sector's possession changes to Adon, the Adonese do not suffer the increased Resistance that other armies do. Sectors fully surrounded by (i.e. touched only by) other Adon controlled Sectors have their Resistance value reduced by half (round normally).



Convert or Die

As per Mercy from Warlord Crusader's Army Abilities


Campaign Play Bonus: Guided by Khardullis' hand

All controlled Campaign Sectors grant Malvernis forces +2 Resources and +1 Supply at the cost a -2 Influence.



Unified Manufacturing

In an all Rach force, all KODA Works Models gain the Rugged Special Ability. Models that already have the Rugged Special Ability gain a +2 to their Repair rolls.


Storm Children

In an all Rach force, the cultural peer pressure and psychological conditioning of the Rach Military Caste grant all Rach Models a +1 CCV.


Campaign Play Bonus: Impose Caste System

The Empire brings Rach colonists to a sector to assist the military in controlling the world. Resistance is eliminated by mass forced resettlements of the natives to other worlds. The sector may eliminate its Resistance rating in exchange for dividing its Influence value in half (round normally).



Integrated Tank Doctrine

Up to two Models of Model Type Vehicle/Tank may be added to any Armor, Mechanized Infantry, Rifle, Specialist, Light Armor, Close Fire Support, or Scout Platoon. These extra Models may take the Platoon over its normal Model maximum though they still must be paid for with Points as normal.



Ritterlich roll Discipline Checks with a +2 bonus.


Campaign Play Bonus: Hunts

Sectors controlled by the Ritterlich grant +1 Supply over and above their normal rating. The only exception to this is on worlds determined to be without indigenous animal life in which case the Ritterlich may instead gain +1 Influence.



Bonds of Knighthood

Templar Platoons may reduce their minimum Model requirements by one to a minimum of one. Thus a Templar Armor Platoon may have 3-4 Models instead of only 4, a Templar Flight may be a single Model, etc. This allows Templars to be more responsive and gain more Initiative Cards in an Initiative Deck for the same number of Models than other Task Forces.


Campaign Play Bonus: Velvet Fist

Templars may redistribute wealth and choose to suffer a -1 Supply to gain a +1 Influence. Additionally, the Templars may choose to suffer an additional -1 Supply to gain +1 Resources as well. If the Sector is providing -2 Supply, +1 Influence and +1 Resources then the Sector's Resistance drops back to its default value.



Well Supported Operations

All Terran Models are considered to have FIST/1. Models that already have FIST gain no further benefit. Strikes must still be purchased with Points as normal.


Air Power

A Terran Task Force may take up to two Flight Secondary Platoons per Primary Platoon.


Campaign Play Bonus: Underdog Sympathy

Neutral Sectors that are taken over by Terrans; Neutral meaning they were not previously controlled by another major Faction (Exception: Sectors previously held by the Psyros are considered Neutral for purposes of this Special Ability), do not suffer from increased Resistance. Sectors that are controlled by Terrans and are taken over by another major Faction (including Psyros) adds 10% to any Resistance (round normally) rating the Sector retains as Terran forces go underground to help local Resistance continue to fight the new occupiers.  If Terrans regain control of the Sector, this 10% Resistance boost goes away.



Gain access to Psyro Models

Psyro Models are forbidden in Freelance and non-Psyro armies. Psyro Task Forces may choose from Psyro Model lists freely.


Campaign Play Bonus: Nothing Wasted

Psyros may convert a Sector's Influence into either Resources or Supplies. If a Sector's Influences rating is zero, then the Resistance of that Sector is halved (round normally).

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The description of orbital insertion includes an attack value in the 1.1 document. I'm assuming it's just a copy/paste error.


Also, thanks for losing the confusing classification of Vehicle APC's with MClass Air and just making all of those Gunship/AT's. Less rules lawyering that way.


EDIT: Great Googa Mooga! Faction Abilities! With Psyros, even!

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Thanks for the faction abilities. A question though if the Templar reduce their gunship section to one is that one model shaken? Also, I am unfamiliar with Mercy from Warlord. If someone could enlighten me...


On another note, I found a number of gunship datacards that are designated gunship/scout but do not have the scout SA. Was this intentional?


Question on Stealth. It says that a model that is stealthed automatically loses the stealth token if scanned but then in the same paragraph goes on to give rules about rolling to see if it would lose it's stealth(I'd give the page number but don't have the rules in front of me, sorry) please clarify.

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With mercy if you kill a unit, you can choose to offer it to convert to your side by sacrificing the last attack. The two units each roll a d10 and add their discipline. If the attacking unit's roll is higher the dmged model changes sides with it's current level of dmg. If the opponent rolls higher then it remains in play on the original owner's side.


... I'm not sure if that explanation is clear or not.

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And, can "Convert or Die" be used at Range?


There will be vast differences in it's usefulness depending on how this is clarified.


It's already been said that gunships are immune to the Last man Standing effects.

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