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Ametrine Earthlyte

Stern Kestrelmann

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The only thing I see that isn't quite right on this one is the red. I am not sure what is off, it could be the different layering shades not working together, but something bothers me.


Ya know what's strange DM... That's one of the few RMS color combos I used for this model... It's the 9001-9004 reds.


I think I'll just squirt myself in the eye with those RMS paints. :down:



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Speaking for the Dwarven minis!! I love them all! Can not get enough dwarves being made and painted LOL



This is a very nicely done mini.. keep on keeping on so to speak.. you are a wonderful painter.. with each mini I see that you have painted inspires me to excel on what I am doing.. keep it coming bro!


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