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LOTR elf guy



I liked Haldir in the movie but he's not my overall favorite character, that would be either Boromir or Gimli (kinda partial to dwarves) but Haldir sounded better as a screen name, beats my other ones-- kenseth17 or something similar to that (my favorite NASCAR driver, Matt Kenseth car #17)


Randy M

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Coogle... orginally Mr Coogle, from a how-not-to run of shadowrun role playing.


Ie burst in in a tank with assult cannon in hand screaming... "I'm looking for Mr Coogle, has anyone seen Mr Coogle...."


BTW.. this was before GOOGLE.. my nemesis.

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Mine goes way back to my younger daze when I wore glue in my hair and spiked it up. My original nickname was Urchin, but my older sister's wise-arse boyfriend started calling me Spike (pronounced 'Spoyk'), and originally I HATED it.


Then I found out the best way to utterly undo him was to get militant and pretend I liked it. Somewhere along the way I forgot I hated it, and the name stuck to me like so much hairglue.


Someday I will find the pic of the hell-hair that inspired it all.

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My initial introduction to anything Reaper was CAV. After a couple games I started buying mini's and decided I wanted to be a mercenary, like I played in Battletech for twenty years. I'm also an amateur military historian and around the time I started playing CAV I'd been studying the battle at Thermopylae. I kinda liked the idea of a merc. unit called "The Spartans" and it stuck.


The "6" comes from the US military's designation for a commander. I'm the Spartan commander so, Spartan 6. ::):

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Mine is from a LARP game persona, it had gotten to a point I am more widely know by my persona than my real name. It's a riot to have a room mate turn after answering the phone and say "Who the h$ll is Garm? And why he getting phone calls here?"




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Name of my first D&D d20 character, a dwarven fighter- Unglef (pronounced OON-glev) Skullcleaver. It's also my favorite of all the names I've ever made up, and I'm a good name maker-upper.



Toth Gamor

Wextan Rondrathmoor

Rugbe Vankin

Dante Chylle

Sandrinal Kelfor

Garthas Caine

Toag Rill

Pierce Hylan

Josef Ten

Reishia kel Andelev

Kyrl Hylan

Gima Foss

Jolie Velishnyakev



The above are not copyrighted, feel free to use them.

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OK, is this a topic I really want to be answering?


I use two main handles online, Peachfuzz and Enchantra.


Peachfuzz was the creation of my mind late at night my Freshmen year of college. I was bored out of my mind and going out to the bars like everyone else wasn't my idea of a good time. So I was playing around online and someone had told me about a MUD online where I could meet people and talk. Sure that works for me. So I went to go and log into it. Heck I need a username. What can I use? I tried my real name, that had been taken. This was my first real huge exposure to the internet too. One of my roomies had a bowl of fresh fruit on her desk. I looked over at it. Peaches. Peaches are fuzzy. Peachfuzz! Thus Peachfuzz which was my major online handle for the next five years was born.


Entering into graduate school I joined a few more sites online and I needed a handle that wasn't as obvious as to who it could be. I was trying to sneak up on a friend online who had told me he was on a few places. I looked, yes he was definitely there. OK, so what kind of name can I come up with so he doesn't know it is me at first. I need a name that is alluring, and enchanting. Wait, enchanting? Ha! Enchantra! From there on in, Enchantra became my primary handle online.


EDIT: The only problem with Using Enchantra as my handle is that I recently did a Google search and came up with hundreds of different people who are using the same name.

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Mine's 'cuz I've been told I have leonine features( long, thick mane 'o' blonde hair ,green eyes, etc), and the lion has sorta been my "totem" for a long time. My nickname in RL during H.S. and college was "The Beast", which was bestowed upon me at 3 different times by different people....guess it was meant to be. :B):

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I used to, and still am, be known as the screen name Frank Vickers. This due to my real name being Francis, but couldn't be bothered to type that so I shortened it to Frank. Vickers is my bloodname from back in the day when I played in an online BT/MCG league.


When CAV started up, I joined Black Lightning. I was gonna use Akela as my callsign but found that Reaper Matt was using that, so I came up with Leech since my CAV merc unit is called Bad Blood.


Guess it'd kinda stuck, though I don't mind telling you, it was weird getting called Leech at ReaperCon last year.

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