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Ebay, and Nostalgia


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So I’ve gotten the ebay bug, and what have I been buying? All the minis I never got as a kid.


Current obsession is the old FASA trek line. Which, unfortunately, is commanding some high prices right now. Since I want to paint these, and not leave them on the blister, this is making for some careful considerations, though even uncarded examples fetch a high price.


Other second-chancers on my list are the West end Games Star Wars minis, Starblazers by Voyager Enterprises (I know they’re still available from Musashi, but cost prohibitive at the moment).


Anyone else have old minis that they’re pining for (CBT seems popular)?

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I'll email you Digital M@, thanks for the offer.


Oh and ecs05norway, I've been to future legends site, and while I tend to avoid recasters, $8 is a far cry from the $50+ that one FASA mini is going for on ebay right now:

Ebay remora


Thanks for sharing Sant Rigger! I think these might be going back into production by Mongoose too!

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My eBay bug has been the TSR ADD series that Citadel made in 1985-1986 before they lost the license. You can see it at the Stuff of Legends site which does a great job of cataloging all the old Citadel stuff. They also document a lot of other companies such as Ral Partha and Grenadier, but don't have quite an extensive array of photos for those.


The goal is to have at least one representative of each blister painted and on display bases. :)



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