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WL: Faction Books


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I'll go ahead and chime in here: Yeah, yall will get revised (errata'ed, if that's a word) info on the core book armies and models that have errata, and new models, including new Leader, Grunt, Elite, and Monster choices. There is also lots of yummy Fluff and Artwork. New spells, equipment, Faction abilities for what we are tentatively calling sub-armies.


I can hear it now: (Sub armies? What's a sub army? U-Boats?) -- well , without giving out too much a sub army is taken form the Core book roster and the new roster of the factionbook and says - if you take X,Y,Z troops you get this faction ability instead. Makes army choice much more interesting. So what if I'm Nefsokar. Between my new model choices, old model choices, and new sub army choice made of a mix of the 2, you'll never know what I might be bringing to play.

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