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Painting Units & New CAV Environment


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If you want to play a pure faction force and get the use of that faction's special abilities, yes you could only use models from that UCOR. You don't have to though. You could play a Rach force with a couple of KDM models and some Mark IV Hedgehogs for transport, but you wouldn't be able to use the Rach's special faction abilities.

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what will it be like for us who don't care who we work for?

Well, if'n ya don't care who yer workin' for but want Fraction abilities you'll have several different choices avialible.


NADO (Adonesse), Rach, Ritterlich, Templar, Malvernise, and the Terran all have good units at their disposal. Each have their own flavor and tactics. For example the Terran tend toward fast, heavily armored unit with short to average ranged weapon that do average damage to hard and soft equally (the Starhawk is a prime example of the normal CAV for them). On the other hand Rach tend toward average range with high damage to hard targets but average to slow speeds and average armor (the Dictator is a good example of Rach vehilces).


THe Rach also have the best designed fire support CAV (at least in CAV 1st edition), the Koda Works Conqueror. 60" range, +2 Hard / +3 soft damage, +4 target lock, and 4 Damage Track (which means its cheaper to buy gunner upgrades and besides if the rest of yer army is doing their job the enemy shouldn't get close enough to threaten them.) Mitso-Ta Regent is a close second. I use the Regents when I need a more mobile Fire support CAV (great speed, respectable range, and good armor).


But you can also go the route of Freelance/ Merc and take any unit you want. Which would be the sole fraction ability they'd get, just like in Warlord.

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