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New way to prime minis


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Hello people. I was floating over at the yahoo reaper board last night and I read something last night, message #38, which I thought was strange. This guy, I can't recall his name at this time, said that he primed his minis with krylon crystal clear gloss sealer instead of regular primer.


He went on to say that it gives the mini a smoother surface which made blending a lot easier and made the metallics really shine.


Will this actually work and has anybody tried it? If it helps, I'll be using my new vallejo as well as my citadel paints. Thanks for any help given.

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Well... Between multiple layers of paint, I've been using Testor's Dull Coat so my fingers don't rub off any of the already painted areas lately (learned this from Anne Foerster). Paint seems to stick to it as good as it sticks to primer. I actually would recommend this every time you take a break, so as to preserve your work.


What I don't know, is how well the dull coat will stick to bare metal.

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I'm the guy who made that post #38... <:)


I've tried all sorts of primer.


I've used Krylon Ultra Flat Black, Sandable white primer, and gloss sealer as priming agents...


Yes, the smooth surface gives great shiney metals, and it does even out the rough spots making blending easier ( Note that gloss primer is acrylic, so acrylic paint bonds to it very well when dry ).


I use black for speed painting. I may try black+ a light coat of gloss for future painting tries...



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