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Turanil, Elf Paladin

Stern Kestrelmann

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Wow! I like!

Stern, you're getting scary good! :unsure:


I wondered about suggesting you paint the circles of the peacock as gems set into the shield, but that would take away from the whole minimalist thing that's working very nicely for the shield. It looks very much like I imagine a carved Darkwood shield would look.

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Thanks Glen.


Doh! I just noticed that I forgot to paint the end of his belt. There's a metal tip at the end of it and I left it black!


I also noticed that I forgot to paint the peg bolts on the shield straps!




Okay, they've been fixed.


(maybe I'll post another pic, so you can see what I was talking about) ::):



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Yeah, this whole bugger looks darned good, but, IMO, the shield steals the show. It is so natural looking it somehow pulls the eyes in and is hard to look away from. Great work.


You have much more diligent than me this year, I think I have 8 done, with another 1/2 way done. I am hoping to keep painting a minimum of 2 hours a week through the summer this year to keep me from getting too rusty. Some aspects of my painting is better than last, but certain parts are still struggling to find their groove. Good work and thanks for sharing so many inspirational pieces.

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He looks sweet, bro! Especially the scale armor. My one critique: the breastplate dosen't "pop" like the rest of it does.


I love that shield, though. it looks nice and battle-worn! The purple looks absolutely awesome as well.

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Overall, a good fig. I just have a few nitpicks...


The Hair lacks definition, it just looks like a blob of yellow.


The sword seems awfully dark. Even a slight hilight on the surfaces most likely to catch the sun would help it pop.


The shield is good, but the peacock is almost lost in the background color. Perhaps just a slight hilighting on the upper flat background surfaces, and shading on lower background surfaces would help it pop a bit more.


I don't mean go all out in garish GW style, just a little subtle shading to help bring out the details more.


Otherwise, love the color scheme.

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The Hair looks nicely done.. except.. that it might be the phto itself.. the top seems to lack definition.


The colors are wonderfully done.

The Shield.. I can say WOW!!


I think it would be cool to see some washed out colors on the shild to where the peacock is... to maybe say that the shield was once painted but faded with battle and it being in use constantly?

I have to admit you still impress me and I have only seen a few figurines by you.. keep them coming!!


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