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Warlord "Official" stuff


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It becomes increasingly clear as the months go forth that the miniature wargame community has a pre-conceived notion of "official" that is completely beyond what Reaper means by the term.


Some explanation is in order so that we're on the same page when it comes to Warlord and R.A.G.E. games in general.


"Official" Reaper Events and Black Lighting Events

There are two aspects of Reaper's "Official" Events that you might see at a convention or at your local store. The first are Black Lightning events run by our wonderful global demo team and the other are events that take place at conventions fully sponsored and funded by Reaper.


There is a simple way to tell if an event is an "Official" Black Lightning Event or an "Official" Reaper Event... are there any people that work at Reaper HQ ("reaper peeps" as we've come to be called) at the convention staffing and running a booth that has product for sale?


If yes, then the events are probably "Official Reaper Events" and if not, then they're run by fans or fans that are part of our Black Lightning team.


Another way to tell is if you're at Origins, ReaperCon, the Reaper Artist's Conference, or GenCon Indy... since the cost of sending product to, having a booth at, and sending staff to work a booth at a major con is so high... Reaper is rarely at any conventions except GenCon Indy or Origins. We are looking at GenCon SoCal but have made no commitments. Are you at GenCon or Origins? If not, it's probably not an "Official Reaper Event" and instead organized by our top-notch Demo Team that we lovingly refer to as "Black Lightning."


Black Lightning Events have rules for miniature compositions, scenarios, etc. etc. as dictated by the Event Coordinator, not by Reaper. Talk to him or her and see what the rules are. Usually they'll have the rules posted when they first advertise the event or they'll make them available via the web or email.


"Reaper Official Event" Rules


At a "Reaper Official Event" (ReaperCon, Reaper Artist's Conference, GenCon or Origins) we do ask that for the Tournament's grand prizes - the ones we are provided out of our own expenses to our fans both for your enjoyment and ours - that there be a few rules related to who can win those prizes and participate in these banner events.


There is a significant expense involved in bringing you these "big" Tournaments and the least we could ask from our fans that are participating is that you make it a fully enjoyable experience for everyone involved - not just yourself - with painted armies (even if they're not to a high standard) and figures from the actual game when and where you can.



We do ask the figures at least be painted using the commonly accepted "three color" rule. Base coat/primer counts as one of the colors so don't worry about that. If all your skeletons are primer white with silver swords and bronze shields... bring them and play. If your CAVs are black with silver barrels and a blue cockpit, bring them and play. Obviously, armies that are painted better will be more likely to win "Best Painted" prizes... but if you're just there to play, then by all means just put a basic job on them and play.


While you're at the convention waiting for your next event to start, sit down with the other players around the game area and use our complimentary paints and brushes to add detail and learn a few painting tips and tricks. Usually if Reaper is there with a booth, we're also running a "Paint and Take" someplace nearby with all the complimentary paint, loaner brushes, and advice you'll ever need.



If there's no mini available for the data card, of course you can proxy. In fact, we even have a 90 day grace period - if the Model was released less than 90 days prior to the convention - you may still use your proxy. Use the 90 days to get the models painted and incorporated into your force and bring them to the next Tournament.



Also, if it's not the "big" Tournament, then these rules are not in place. Use whatever figure you want, proxy all you want, etc. even if it's an event at Origins or GenCon. Go buy yourself a packet of new figures, glue them to their bases and play with them in all their silvery, unprimered glory! It's a time honored tradition of wargaming.


Final thoughts...

Folks, every one of us here at Reaper who developed or has been part of our games also plays them. Some of us come from historical wargaming roots, others from newer games, and some from board games or tabletop roleplaying games that use miniatures as accessories... all of us like to push around little figs and roll dice with our friends. Having fun is always the first rule.


If you believe in Reaper and you believe in our products and games we would hope that you would support us by buying our products - which helps us to continue to bring you new products - but if you want to make an all left-handed basket weaver army from models you sculpted, converted, and made yourself from figures taken from a hundred different game companies and just use our rules... by all means do so. Post pictures of your army up here on the forum so we can all look at it and go "Oh now that's cool!... how'd you do that?" ... let's have fun with our hobby and worry less about "Officiality."


Game on.

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