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Yes, Void is still around and you can download the rules for free from Urban Mammoth's website. But as Erion said UM is focusing on Urban War. Not that Void needs new minis that badly as almost all the armies have a complete miniature range. It's just that Void minis are quite hard to get outside UK. There's only one retailer in Finland that I'm aware of and he has just made his first order to UM. In other words, nobody sell UM-stuff in Finland at the moment <_<


As for Warzone, pretty much the same thing as with Void. Except Excelsior is making new stuff for Warzone. The 1st edition of Warzone was extremely popular in Finland and other European countries but game died out when the 2nd edition came out. After Target Games went under and Excelsior got the license, it's much harder to get Warzone-stuff. Ebay is your best bet at the moment. I hear there are a few European retailers but nothing concrete.


When compared to Reaper, whose minis have been available for years, I see a very bright future for it's RAGE-games. AICOM included ^_^.

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Inspired by Herr Oberfroschmeister.


Been looking at his site (why i will never know.. :huh: ) lately. I love his Frog soldiers for CAV. And after reading the battle story about the Tomadi in JoR1 (Ogre entry) i was stoked on them. I have a love for frogs myself and the frog infantry from Herr Oberfroschmeister's site stuck with me. So for AICOM i will a Custom Force of Tomadi (using Adon stats) and i will have a CAV2 force of them as well (again as Adon stand ins). And here are my Tomadi or the way they SHOULD be):



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