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Genghis Con Entry


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Sorry to post a non-Reaper mini on this forum, but this is a way better forum than coolmini, and it was in a contest...

This mini won the best of show at Genghis Con. I was silly, and didn't bring any minis to enter in the painting contest, because I had planned on just having fun at the con, but when I was there I of course regretted this decision, so i thought I'd paint a min at the con to enter. I started this mini at about 5:30 on friday (that's getting rid of the seam lines and gluing him together) and painted until about 10:30 that night, then I started painting again around 10 am on Saturday, and entered him in the painting competition sometime in the early afternoon.

I thought that there were a whole lot of really good entries last weekend, and I thought that I could probably place in the top 3 in the large figure category, but I really wasn't expecting to do anything more than that. So Sunday when I went into the room to see how he did, I was VERY surprised with Best of Show. It totally made my con, and I'm now very excited for the Games Day season.

I also got to say to Marike "Neener neener I beat you!"


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That's a great 2-day job, and congrats on the win. Just to nitpick, you could have added a bit more detail to the fingernails and toenails. At the speed you were going, it would have taken only a couple more minutes ^_^


I'd like to see what the others did too. Is there a Con coverage somewhere?


ps. Is this a Ben Seins sculpt?

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Saw this one up close and personal and its a spectacular piece for having been completed so fast. (us other painters as the Con were sickened by such quick and beautiful work ::P: ). It was great meeting you Amy and I hope to see more of your work at the Cons ahead.


Oh, and when will that figure be available for the rest of us?

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