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Well ... I just finished them without basing .... I hate basing a model !! ... but they will be done in snow :) ... i got it figured out ... i just need green stuff for it ...


Anyways ...<b> Input will be apreciated </b>... Was thinking of selling it ...

Is it sell worthy ?? ... And if so ... how much do you guys think i should ask for it ???


Ps. Is anyone from the netherlands is on this board and is interested ... make me an offer I cant refuse :)


Grtz Q



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Well first, let me say that the figure is nice, clean work and shows wonderful brush control.


As for selling it, sure. I wouldn't ask more than fifteen or so, but it depends on how the base turns out.


Concerning the NMM, its a good start, but requires more shades and a smoother transition from light to dark. Swords are tough, I've spent hours just on one a single side of a sword, so you're definately wading into difficult territory. But, like I said your off to a good start.


Also, just a suggestion about bases. I used to have a lot of trouble with them, hating to do them and so forth. I was then offered the suggestion of doing the base when the mini is still primed, then painting the whole peice as one piece (adding grass, flock, and snow of course after the whole thing is painted.) Its just a suggestion.


I've rambled enough. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. :B):

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