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Yup. Yall need one. A CAV Painted Showcase gallery. I mean you have a gallery of ALL the other mini lines BUT CAV. What gives? I mean come on... Pay some nice painty people or volunteer some and get some painted and start a gallery please...










And YOU thought this was going to be another AICOM thread...

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You said: "I want to see CAV minis in the Official Reaper Showcase, painted by pros". I'm just saying that so that we both know what I heard you say.


There isn't any of that yet.


The standard for admission into the Reapergames fan-mini galleries is whether or not that mini would have a decent chance of making it into Casket Works (note that some of the early minis do not reflect this. The Reaper Ninjas are very nice, however: they only break bones that won't leave visible deformities). With that said, hopefully the Reapergames galleries will suffice until anything official that may or may not happen.

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I can only speak for myself... but I do have plans to paint a few CAV up to present as purchase options for Reaper. Showcase quality, yes... If they get accepted, they may very well end up in an official CAV gallery.


The trick with showcase quality CAV (for me) is that it takes ALOT of time... and I'm behind on the CAV fluff... The things I'm pretty sure that I'd need to do are:


Verify/Deny planned paint schemes per faction

Verify/Deny Mfctr. vs. Faction information

Schedule / Queue the paint job.


Right now, I'm at the point where I've collected what *I think* is the official UCOR vs. Faction list for 2nd Ed.... but I've got to take it with me and find some face time with the right folks to make sure I'm headed in the right direction.


After that, I've got to get current obligations out of the way. The good news is that I only have two painting priorities these days: My personal stuff, and Reaper commissions/freelance... The bad news is that this is my hobby/passion and real-life frequently gets in the way...


Bottom line: I predict that you *will* see an official CAV gallery in the exact spot you'd like to see it... the thing I can't tell you is when.


Hope that helps.



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I can say this:

In the next 3 months, expect to see more Painted CAVs in our Gallery. Part of our drive to present painteds of everything includes a drive to get CAV painted.


That being said, I would also expect that a large portion of those CAV's are not going to be painted by the same folks that paint our Warlord and DHL. Most of the painted CAV models we will be showcasing in Casketworks and online will be top quality paintjobs from CAV players.

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