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Nienna, Elf Ranger (WIP)

Stern Kestrelmann

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Well, here's another wicked cool Klocke sculpt. I got started on her this afternoon. The face really turned out nice, too bad no one will ever see it...


Going with basic browns and greens on her. This has been another really fun one to paint so far.


I'll attach her sword arm post-painting.




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Ok you slacker.... where's our update. :devil:




Just kiddin'.. I am anxious to see how she's progressing. I like what you've shown us. Very nice. And yes... you can see her face. Looks nice. The texture of the skin looks great!



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God that sculpt is awesome ..


Nice color choices :) ... gotta love the elfy-ness on it :p... though i find the red leather a bit out of place :) ... but it does look cool .. wouldve never thought of that ... but ofcourse my level of painting is crap compared to yours :) ...


Keep up the good work ...




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SK I have been lurking alot as of late. Been playing WOW which had sucked all my painting time away. I had to post however that I really enjoy your WIP posts. They have led to me picking up the paintbrush again and attempt to paint again.


I am looking forward to more of this thread and see how this mini turns out.



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