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Has this happened to you?


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So there you are, painting as usual, and you walk into another room for something. Absent-mindedly carrying an X-acto with you. Your roommate sees you walk in, and panics. Not for the X-acto in your hand, but you spilled Red INk on your other hand, at the wrist, and for a moment your roommate thinks you've attempted Suicide?


--man, that's embarassing.



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I have had that happen to me.


Heed my words: Just say you paint, don't go into detail unless She/He asks! Nothing ruins their joy as hearing 'Well, I paint tiny little pewter figurines and make my back sore and my eyes go crossed'. Just say 'Yes, I do.'


On the other hand, I have met women who were glad to hear I painted minis...


--Good luck to you!



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Or worse... last night I was watching "Thomas the Tank Engine" with my toddler and thinking, "That's pretty decent terrain for a kid's cartoon, I'll have to watch this again later to get some scenery ideas..."




I'm worried my next Great Rail Wars game will involve zombies and cowboys fighting over a smiling tram named "Toby"...

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