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Miniature, from Concept to Finished Work

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Well, I've been dinking around with sculpting for a bit. I've made a priestess, and a chainsaw armed cyborg. Being unemployed and job hunting again, I do have some idle time now.


So I sat down, and decided to sculpt again, I broke out the pencils, browsed online for armor references, and this bad boy is what came out.


I want him to look menacing, and yet regal. I didn't want the typical bad-boy chaos look of skulls everywhere.


The armor is a mix of styles, mostly Gothic and Maximillian with some fantasy elements thrown in. The shield, well, is still mainly just an outline, I have no firm design for that yet. The sword, is a two-handed scimitar like device. The notch at the tip is a gut zipper ( look up deer cleaning knives ). Yeah, it's not very useful on a sword, but I figure it's there for psychological impact more than anything. :)


Anyway, here is the concept art for the piece. I even have a name...


"Dagoz Von Raumstein, Lord of Battle"


If this piece comes out well, next will be Ntwadumela, AKA "He who Greets With Fire", a Wemic warrior chief. The name is borrowed from a Nat Geo special on hyenas and lions, the eternal enemies. Ntwadumela was one male lion particularly skilled at killing them, and defending his pride against other lions. My plan to include a Zulu style shield, a Zulu thrusting spear (i-Kiwas), a normal spear ( assegais ) and a african throwing axe.


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Okay, some pics....


Here is a pic of my tools. I found what works for me.


These tools are sculpted from good quality hardwood toothpicks. I have blades, rounded off burnishers, and 'needles'. The pieces are shaved into shape, sanded smooth, and the ends hardened with a rubbed in coating of super glue.


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And now a pic of my progress.


I took a reaper advanced armature, and cut the tab in half, so I could spread his legs. I find that working from the legs up makes the figure sturdier and easier to work with when pushing putty. The clamp is made from a split wooden spool. I have another clamp made from a craft spool, and these dont's have the silly hole in the center... :P


I should putty that hole up...


Anyways, I do the lower leg mass first, followed by the upper calves and feet. The detail work is done seperately at a later stage.


The armored feet were done in one step, with the basic shape massed in, and as the putty sets, the basic plates impressed in the putty.


The upper thighs are a lil thin to me, and look too wide set. I'll add more mass to the inside shortly.


The chainmail in the groin as opposed to a plate or codpiece is intentional. The more armored groin is common on the 'walking plate' worn by foot knights, but a full suit of walking plate makes horse riding of course, very very uncomfortable. This kind of coverage is sometimes called a '4/5ths' suit of plate mail which was worn by horse knights.


Chainmail is a royal pain, and it took 3 tries to get this passable example done. I plan on bugging the sculptors at ReaperCon on how to do chainmail. :)


I've yet to put the skirt armor on, and the torso is just a bulked out mass. Next is the skirt, and the brestplate planel lines.


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This is gonna be cool ... Can't wait to follow this along. My only thing is the sholders ... I have to agree with mmmgreenstuff, bigger and more agressive would be cool, and would lend to a ballance with the sword. Just a thought :-)

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Don't worry, the breastplate is centered, the figure is rotated slightly in the photo. The left side of the armor skirt is different than the right, this is the main source of it looking a bit off. Only caught it in the photo. Need to take a lil putty and fix that.


The knee guards are almost done, but I have to put on the horns, and make the tongues.


Next is bulking out the arms and head.


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Well, I mean, I'm learning too, it ain't much of a tutorial. I've yet to get paid for any of this... :)


Now if those other gents would get back to me about doing some work for them, I could use the money right about now...


I am getting the hand of using GS, and working with it in thin and very fine layers.


I like mixing more yellow than blue, as this tends to make it tackier initially, and easier to place on the fig.


Anywhere from 60:40 to 66:34 yellow:blue.

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Gah! I got dust on my CCD in the camera... :/


The bulb blower isn't working well... :P


Oh well, www.visibledust.com sells brushes originally made for cleaning silicon biochips by pulling up dust from them electrostatically. Many digital camera people have given them rave results. There goes some of my birthday money....


Anyways, Dagoz is further along now, with the arms done, one shoulder started, and his helm nearly complete


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