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AICOM Greens


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AICOM is Reaper's Next game -

Sci-Fi Skirmish in Heroic 28MM scale.


Think Warlord, but with Technology. Or CAV, but with infantry as the focus . . Kinda like It's setting is the CAV universe, so you'll have Rach and Ritterlich and Terrans, and stuff. And it'll be a RAGE system game, like Warlord and CAV 2. If you've played Warlord, you'll know most of what you'll need for AICOM.

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Nice. I remember seeing the initial green (the first one) a long time ago.


But the other two are nice. The Running Shot Elf Girl is nice.




Is it in Beta yet?

Can we get in to help?


Can we? Huh? Huh?



ahem... sorry.


There goes my days as an RPG GM. Warlord, CAV and now AICOM.


heh... I like it.

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AICOM is not yet in beta. I've gotten the impression that it will not be until CAV2 is a bit further along. Because of this, the details for beta test participation have not yet been released. I would not expect beta testing for at least a couple of months.


And jhilahd, I can't say that we're sorry to have converted you. ^_^

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If you look very closely, you can sort of make out a point on her exposed ear. . .


And just so you know how long AICOM's been brewing -- note that the Sarge is on a broccoli base. He was likely done before it was decided that plastic slottabases would be standard in Warlord.

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