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CAV Races / Factions


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Alright, since I'm a fan of huge mecha (y'know, Zakus rule... *ggg*), I've browsed the beta rules for CAV and tried to get as much info on the races/factions of CAV as possible (which means I got almost none :-( ).

Since I am very intrigued by the whole CAV thing, I'd be glad if any of you CAV gamers gave me a quick overview of the races / factions in CAV! I've seen the pic of the races / factions in the AICOM-thread (which is also in the CAV beta rules, I think) and I'm more curious than ever: Who are they and what's their background (ie attitudes, ethic concepts etc.) ?

If you know some links - they are also welcome (and you won't need to type that much! :poke: ).

Thx in advance!


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Check the Articles section, you'll find some notes on the Rach, the first chapter of the CAV Novella "The Big Dance" and a couple of (some old) interviews w/Reaper peeps, mostly Matt and Ed. Oh, and for those of you who enjoyed Neil's movie on CAVHQ, check out the Charvell MkII: Live Test Fire movie. You'll also find some of the color artwork from the JoR in the Digital JoR section.


The last Ask the CAV Boss interview will be of interest to you too.


Finally, do some searching through the forums, you'll find a lot of info there. Do a search for posts by Akela, that's Reaper Matt's username. It'll turn up some old posts covering stuff from how a CAV pilot controls his vehicle to how to speak basic Rach.

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Geez Balthus, I just noticed that nobody ever answered your main question about the factions. Now it sounds like AICOM will have a few new factions, but since both it and CAV share the same universe, here's how things stack up right now...


Adon - the goody two shoes of the universe, Adon is a collection of several nations on the planet Avalorr. Where ever there is discord in the universe, you'll find a few Adonese trying to negotiate a peace. Think of them as the Swiss, except that they'll kick butt when the time comes. In physical terms, they're the elves.


Ritterlich - these guys comprise the other half of Avalorr and are like the Imperial British Army, stick up their keisters and everything. Honor this, glory that, for the Kingdom, yada yada yada. Some fans refer to them as the space vampires, b/c of their slitted eyes and prominent fangs.


Malvernis - an entire race that worships the dark god Khardulis, the Malverian army is little more than an occupational police force for "converted" planets. They take their orders from the Grand Inquisitor (think anti-Pope) who's sole goal is to convert the known galaxy to his religion.


The first three factions formed the RAM Coalition during the first Galaxy War. The other side consisted of the Rach, Templars and Terrans.


Rach - think Klingons and you're spot on. The Rach's idea of a good time is to have all of their warriors (the primary caste of their society) fight to the (near) death every couple of years in a huge tournament called the Season of Storms. While ruled by a political caste, every Rach aspires to be a warrior.


Terrans - the new kids on the block, humans only met the other races only 100 years before the game's current time frame. Naturally humans began their interstellar relations as only we can, with a nuclear war against the Rach. The two nations held a mutual respect/hate relationship until the Galaxy War forced them to join sides.


Templars - aren't really a race, more of an organization. They're basically the Robin Hoods of the galaxy, sticking up for the little guy and righting wrong where ever they can find them. To bankroll such grandoise operations requires a lot of cash. Luckily for them they happen to own the largest bank in the universe.

The Templars draw members from all the races in the galaxy.

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