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This mini was fun to paint, but somehow most of the things that could go wrong, did go wrong. Like, dust on my brush got transferred into obvious places, white paint splashed on her robes forcing me to redo them half a dozen times, my hamster escapes and chews on her staff.... :wacko:








The purple is more noticable in person, but I still think I should have raised the highlights a few more layers . . .

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Wonderful job considering the trials and tribulations you had to endure. I agree with you that the purple highlights could go a tad higher.

I remember Marike telling me that her rule of thumb was to take the highlights to a point you were comfortable with, then go two shades lighter! Its scary, but it works.

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Thank you guys for the kind words!


[email protected] - Must be the white hair. Now I think of Snow White when I look at her on my desk. ::D:


Twiz - I'm a fan of the gold paint. I don't know why... It finds it way on every mini I paint somehow . . .


Raven - That's good advice. Thank you! I'll definitely apply it to my next mini, Lindir attempt number two.

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