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Orlath Hoarbeard

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merged your two threads into one.


can someone please shrink this photo down for me? for some reason im unable to make my photo's any smaller with out making them so blurry that u cant even see what they are.


made it a little narrower to fit in the window better, feel free to keep it or not.

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thnks dont know why it made 2 threads the first one is the thread that i tried to preview but i was told it was "unable" post it.

also digital m@ hope my quality has improved enough for the mini exchange im really lookin forward to it. but i do have to give a lot of credit to anne for teaching me some tricks of the trade!.


ladystorm can u delete the bigger of the two pics?

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Not to sound repetitive... practice.


That aside, I think you have yourself a really great start. The skin tones look good. Helm has some really good shading and coloring.


I wish we could see his face more, looks like you have some nice tonal quality going on.


Great fig.




Hope to see more of your stuff in the future.



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what you see on the face is really all there is. his helm has a nose bridge on it so you cant see his nose, the helm is also set real low so basically all his face has is his eyes and cheek bones. he really does look better than the pic. since the pic is like 100 times bigger all the little mistakes just stick out. thanks for the encouragement.

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