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The Cowardly Priest


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I love his expression. This guy actually only took me an hour to do. My fastest work yet that I'm happy with. ^_^


Front View



Back View



WIP Humor. ::P:



I promise I'll have Reaper figures to show soon. . .

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Looking very good tatsu :)


But is it my imagination or is the right hand more pale than his face ??

Maybe its the picture :)


Not really a big fan of the sculpt .. hes to stiff in my opinion :) ... the hammer ... he holds it in a weird way ... also the hammer looks a bit bend to me ... I think i might have to let my eyes get checked :)


Overal nicely painted :) ... Good color choice ... exept for the red book with the blue cloth :) ... Imo the book is to red ... maybe tone it down a bit using a darker shade of red ... but thats just my opinion ...


Keep up the good work :)



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Oh wow, I did not even notice the hand . . . it is lighter! ::o:


The brightness of the book was to fit him with the other troops. My empire boys have a very American color scheme to them . . . and it makes me want to dip them all. Not cause I used American colors, the troops just seem too . . . bright. Like you mentioned with the book.


Thanks for the response, Q-ball!

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I recommend you leave this guyin your finished pile, but next time you feel your skin is too bright, make a glaze. I love VMC Earthbrown (I think) for this. I take a 10:1 ratio of thinner to paint and apply thin layers ofer the areas I want shaded. It will create a very subtle change in color. Apply more layers where you want the darkest shadows. You can also use a darker color in areas you want more contrast such as where the wrist meets the sleeve, the under edge of the hand etc. Play around with creating glazes, as they can really help in many applications.


Over all I think he looks good. I do love his facial expressions. I can picture him calling out, "Any of you heathens who has dared desicrate this holy ground with your evil words, please step forward for a complete and final judgement by my hammer, err, I mean god. The rest of you go home and have a nice day. Don't forget the collections box on your way out."

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