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I too thought the ground was too smooth, but I liked the long slide. It's not like something that weighs 100+ tons and is moving at 80kph is going to just suddenly lack any forward momentum because it's sucking dirt. Didn't you ever see the ski jumper at the beginning of Wide World of Sports? ^_^

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Very nice. Very fun.


I love how they open fire on the vehicle and continue onward not stopping.


The ground/gravity effects are my only complaint.


The long drag/skid doesn't bother me, except I would have loved more dust /debris flying.


Nice job.


So when are we getting CAV 2 released again? ^_^

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As the news post on CAVHQ said, the movie was made sometime ago, like 2 years to be precise. IIRC Neil pushed it out right after GenCon '03 as a rush job. Reaper needed it in a hurry for something. Neil would be the first one to say that he wasn't totally happy with it, but it's a pretty damn fine job considering he only had a few days to pull it off.


Then again, that's why he's My Main Man! ::D:


btw, I'll officially make this Neil Week and remind everybody to check in on Mil-Net on Friday morning. :B):

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