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Traveling Monk

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This is another mini I finished. I couldn't get a good photo this morning, but I put him on my monitor and just clicked a picture while sitting in my chair. No macro setting, no tripod. The pic is not the greatest, but it is better than what came out this morning. Anyway, I copied Robert's version of this. I was going for all browns, when Rob posted his and that night I went and changed it. This is a fun miniature to paint and a great sculpt for the average game table.



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The link isn't working for me, now, but I saw this one yesterday. I think you did a great job on this one. This is one of my favorite sculpts. You can use it for a monk, a wizard-type, or some dude you met on the road with whoopin' stick.


Good job! Now go do the eyes! :B):

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Great looking monk ... what kind of backdrop do you use ?

I used the back of a large flexable cutting board used for cutting fabric. I was looking for something and spotted that laying against the wall and gave it a try.






I deleted the image off of CMoN because it was such a poor quality pic. I am building a light box this weekend.

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