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All Systems Are Go!


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Since I'll be out of the office tomorrow morning and wouldn't be able to launch the X-CAV section until the afternoon, I've decided to be a nice guy (and put a stop to Erion's endless whining ::P:) and start the X-CAV 2 contest a few hours early. Just click on the link in my .sig to head over to Mil-Net and get all of the juicy details!


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the X-CAV contest, I'd suggest checking out the original one at http://www.mil-net.net/contest/xcav/ It's the design that eventually became SyRaM's Starhawk VI.


BTW, I didn't hear back from Matt on final approval for the rules, so things are subject to change. Any amendments will be noted both on the contest page and Mil-Net's news section, as well as on our forums.


Good Luck everyone!

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