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My first game


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Katanas look pretty cool too and their stats are in the same boat as the Tyrant and to a lesser extent the Vanquisher.


Personally I think the Knight is far superior to a Vanq stats-wise (mmmm love the armor), but it does look really, really close to the others he has in his sections.


Variety is the spice of life, Frank.

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The Knight doesn't have to rely upon the flamer to handle infantry, although it does do it better than any other weapon it mounts.


Guess it just comes down to personal opinion. I personally think the Gladiator, Knight and Warlord look cool together.


Course, I'd err on the side of the Knight because while it may have poor range for the flamer, it's other weapons ain't bad and they can handle hard targets which is something the Vank can't do. I rarley take a dedicated suppression unit, typically I make do with IF and the fairly potent anti-infantry ability of some of the faster things.


And if push comes to shove, the Rhino's +3 against soft targets can do the job, if you can get him in range :o)

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