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New additions to my southlands army!


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I'm excited to use these guys on the tabletop. Maybe I'll use them during spring break in a few weeks!


First up: A group of 3 reaper lizardmen as Kroxigor.

Woot, another one crazy about lizardmen and all things scaly. ::D:


Very nice paintjobs. I like the greens in particular, very muted/realistic look as opposed to bright and cartoony. The horns on the "krox" may have done a bit better as a gradient, but this is just imo, your style may vary. Everything else is yummy.


And I wouldn't have thought to use Reaper Lizards as proxies for Krox, nifty idea there. Are they roughly the same height?


I liked the old-style Krox, but the newer ones are just...urgh, too crusty for my tastes. So Reaper proxies sound more and more like something I just might do soon...if I ever get the rest of the army painted. :lol:

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Nice army!! I would droll seeing this one come out of the box!


Maybe you should use that as a secret weapon.. save them in the box till the last second.. then take em out.. and watch the opposing player dehydrate when you do so :D

All kidding aside.. these are wonderfully done...

Man with all these cool figurines I can honestly say I have alot of improving ahead of me!


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Oh, I have a blue formica kid's table. It's about 2 foot by 3 foot, and I do all my painting there. I just clear it off when I need to take pictures. It gives a great mood and feeling during the summer when you can paint on a blue surface.


Plus the GE Reveal bulbs seem to like it. ::P:

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