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Grind, garble, clunk clunk.....

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Is it a bad sign when your hard drive sounds more similar to a paper shredder than a cd player?


Well, it has been months since I last backed it up so I bought a recording DVD player for the PC. I won't be able to install it for a few days, but I don't want to take any more chances than I already have. I will have a back-up soon.


Besides the practical data back up what are you using yours for?

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Top Posters In This Topic

I use my DVD recroder on my Computer to record movies and tv shows off of my TIVO.. it is a wonderful thing to have!!

TIVO and a computer with the software on it to burn the TIVO TV programs and pay per view onto DVD :)



P.S I actually do not use my DVD-RW for data back up.. I have a 120 gig USB external drive that I bought from sams club for 80 dollars.. it is well worth the price as I have such a large hard drive I would be lost without it.. My wife got one for her computers as well :)

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