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Oils for painting minis?


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Got a question for you all. Has anyone tried to use Oil paint from the tube for painting a mini? I know the drying time is days instead of minutes... but you can blend so nicely with it and such.. do you think it is a viable solution? I am thinking of trying it myself but the problem I have is that I travel to paint alot too.. and the drying time in the mini is going to hampre the trail so to speak.. I would need a good way of transporting a mini without smudgin the paint in the travel.



So question

1 Do you ever or have ever use oils when painting a mini or would ever try to?

2 What is a good way to transport a mini with wet paint on it without smudging it?

(sorry that I ramble so much)


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I know that oil painting is common among the historicals painters, but I have no idea how they deal with the long dry time.


Some people use tube acrylics which may give some of the oil advantages with a much shorter dry time than oil.

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1) Have a friend who has tried oils. Reports very good results because of the blending factor, but I'm not sure how they handled the drying time. I'll ask them next time I see them.


Yes, I'd like to experiment with oils some day, when I can justify the expense. Too many bottles of paint and too many figs already. I've actually seen some nice water-soluble oil paints in the local artist's store while drooling over stuff in there. Makes me want to try it out more, since I won't have to deal with all the noxious thinners normal oils require.


2) Random idea. I've not tried this out yet, so don't blame me if it doesn't work. ::D: Chessex makes some nice Single Figure Display Boxes. (http://www.chessex.com/figure%20boxes/Figure_Storage_Boxes.htm). Fairly hard plastic. Should pack safely in a suitcase if you brace them with some clothes.


Get a whole bunch of sticky tac and plonk the fig right on the black base? Could possibly even paint using that as a holder if you use the taller side.


Or for safety, white glue or superglue it down, then worry about how to remove it later. :poke:

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If you pick up Shep Paine's Hpw to Build Dioramas, he gives a brief article about how to paint with oils (including diagrams, etc). I think Osprey has one too, geared more for the historical figure painter.


I sometimes use oils in painting, but IMHO, I wouldn't use it on anything smaller than 54mm. However, you might like it, and definitely gives a different perspective on figure painting! Make sure your primer is thoroughly dry before attempting (you don't want to "reactivate" the primer, especially if you use an organic solvent based primer, like most spray primers are).



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