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Darth Ert

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In the tradition of all non-stupid Sith having names that can be prefixed with "In-", such as Darths Vader, Ane, Siddious, and Sipid, I present Darth Ert, te first mini completed for the Spring Exchange '05.


Reaperbryan is now my new hero, by the way, for suggesting the name "Darth Brooks".




The light sabre was made from the nozzle of a butane lighter. Conversion took about an hour, and painting took about three.


Twiztidjuggalo78 recieved him today and was quite happy, which means that so am I.

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I loved this concept. I would love to have this to break on on a group of new D&D players, playing the first adventure of the WotC D&D adventure series. Minor spoiler: It has trees/twiglings that come to life. A final battle with this as the leader or better yet. Months after the PCs finish that advneture you have them run into an organized group of the twiglings being led by this mammer jammer.

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Lightsaber wielding Ent familiar vs. chainsaw toting Ent familiar...FIGHT!




(Darth Ert would win in 2 second... lightsaber and force lightning would toast mine easily).


Nicely done, frosch :lol:

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