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Eight months and 5 days...


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i too will add my compliments-ya lives and ya lurns, and this is one learning experience where you got much more than the experience, you got one damn fine painted mini. and i too will don the vulture mask and ask, what colors did you use for the headpeice/helmet? appears to be a different formula than the nmm gold on the sword hilts.

Very observant. The head piece was not meant to come out goldish. Its a base of Graveyard Earth (I think that is the name of the color) and all I did was add Bleached Bone the to the GE. Thanks for the compliment as well.

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Base Codex Gray

Midtone Space Wolf Gray

Highlight Skull White




Base Bestial Brown

Lower Midtone Vermin Brown

Higher Midtone Leprous Brown

Highlight Skull White


Exacly what i was looking for :) ... thanks alot .. im gonna go try for ages now to reach a similar effect :) ...



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