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Try listing to Fear Factory when painting skeletons.

heh!  I'll listen to Fear Factory painting anything (FF's one of my all time fave bands)

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Walter's "Amused To Death" [excellent choice Stern] when painting the Beasties - Lupine, Dragons, etc.

Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" for the characteristic bad boys

Nine Inch Nails "Downward Spiral" for the major baddies

Peter Gabriel's "Secret World" for the Elves

Randy Neuman's "Faust" for background noise otherwise

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Two words; AUDIO SLAVE.  Go buy it now.  Chris Cornell's voice blows me away, this album sounds like old Soundgarden, man it rocks, tracks 5-9 will have you singing your butt off!


Also, the new Godsmack really floats my boat, if you don't mind getting yelled at on a few tracks!



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Zappa is pretty cool too, not to mention very tongue in cheek.


Gone Jackals

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Steve Vai

Pretty much any blues. I love blues and blues rock.

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Manic Gergle...

Primitive Radio Gods

Savage Garden

Five for Fighting

Foo Fighters



Mellow Gergle...

Harry Nilsson

Vince Guaraldi

Van Morrison

Brad Paisley

Jackson Browne

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See? Now you are talking my lingo.


Uberpsycho Zaph (the guy who should eb jamming instead of painting and it probably shows)


Judas Priest (newer)

Primal Fear


Ride the Lightning



Hawkwind - The Chronicle of the Black Sword

METAL in general


Mellow and introspective Zaph (the fella who is probably glued to the stupid computer playing Master of Orion and should be painting)


Tangerine Dream

Pink Floyd


Spirit of the West

Star Trek Movie Soundtracks

Classical like Paganini (quickly turns into Uberpsycho guitar guy though), Holst, Vivaldi or many others

Clannad (only the Robin of Sherwood soundtrack. The rest sucks)

Hawkwind - The Chronicle of the Black Sword


There. Much clearer now :D

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Arcanasphere is my kind of music...



Buy The CD


You are encouraged to buy the cd... support a starving musician...



Actually, I do like this cd, especially "Keep your hands off my girlfriend."



btw - Isis was written specifically for me.

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Wow,lots of really good musical recomendations here.Now Im tempted to go out and expand my pathetically skimpy cd collection as opposed to expanding my more pathetically skimpy mini and supply collection.


My wife and I share a stash of music on the hard drive and Ive noticed some odd combitations,like Disturbed's 'the Sickness',followed immediately by 'Jesus is just alright with me' by the Doobie Brothers.Then we have Rage Against the Machines' 'Calm Like a Bomb',and 'Flowers in Your Hair' by the Mamas and the Papas.


Strangely enough,we both like it all.


Ill listen to a pretty broad range of music while Im working on any hobby since my musical tastes at the moment has more to do with what kind of mood Im in rather than with what Im painting or working on.


When it comes speciffically to mini painting though,I lean more to classic rock,since its a bit more laid back than Rob Zombie,or NiN,for example.


I love Pink Floyd,Waters,or Gilmore either one,Jethro Tull,Dire Straits,Led Zeplin,Aerosmith,Black Sabbath,Creedance Clearwater Revival,the Eagles,the Roling Stones,(especially 'paint it black') and ZZ Top,and the Doors,and Jimmi Hendrix.


Those are just a few drops in the ocean of my favorite music.


I noticed though that nobody mentioned Lorrenna McKinnet...I thought surely some of yall would listen to her stuff.

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Well there is always BOC too :D

Of course any tunes with a fantasy or war theme are always cool too. A lot of 80's style "Guitar" Metal or Neo-Classical Fusion as they liek to call it is very cool for setting mood. Yngwie J. Malmsteen's stuff (love him or hate him) is excellent with the driving metal rhythms, screaming vocals and Classical Violin sounding guitar runs...

Check out:

"I am a Viking" off of "Marching Out"

"Far Beyond the Sun" from "Rising Force"

"Trilogy" from "Trilogy".... hmmm

I guess the list could go on. Of course if you grow weary with arpeggiated guitar riffs and diminshed minor scales, well move on!

Ronnie Dio also did some cool Fantasy or Historical stuff.

Holy Diver, Egypt (The Chains are on), Sacred Heart, all awesome. Some say he was the DM of metal :D


I am also pleased to note that no-one seems to enjoy the evil devil music known as country and western while painting minis... I just can't picture myself painting Ragnor the Blood Demon from the 7th Plane of Tartaris whilst listening to Alan Jackson :D

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I'll listen to Johnny Cash, and that's it for country.


Yes, I've lived in Texas for over 30 years and I despise country music. I have the personal opinion that it's the music played in the 666th plane of the Abyss to drive everyone insane.

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