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Warlord 14055 - Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter


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I think that this is a beautiful sculpt and I've always liked this miniature. I've had him for a long time though without painting him, but now I finally have gotten around to painting him. He's kind of the kind of warrior I would regularly imagine myself playing when I was younger and still played RPG fantasy games. I always liked to wear plate mail armour and wield two handed swords (don't ask me why, perhaps I was making up for something! ^_^ )


I've used vallejo game colours for everything except the metals, where I used Citadel Chain mail. I don't particularly like Vallejos metal colours, and I don't particularly like NMM either, especially not on a miniature like this one! ^_^ I wanted to paint him in an autumn theme, that's why I've been using red, green, orange and a bit of yellow..


I hope you like him!




Vote for him here:



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THe Base looks nice.. like an over grown road. :)

The Armor.. it is nice seeing metalics.. I live them! Nicely done as well!

The Face is fantastic too I love it. I have seen this mini painted alot and you have done it justice I think.. keep them coming!!


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you know dude, ive never been a fan of this mini; perhaps because ive never really liked any of the dozens of paint jobs ive seen on it: mostly either semi-expert nmm or (at the opposite end of the skill spectrum) strait out of the bottle metallics.


i can honestly say that you have given it the treatment it deserves, and all of a sudden the character came to life for me. bravo-your well shaded and weathered metallics are awesome. 10 times than any of the nmm ive seen on him (and it was really good nmm, but in my humble opinion that just detracts from the characterfulness of the mini.)

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I will add my comments to the hat. Very nice work on the metallics. I like a mini that is painted up well with metallic paints. Overall the mini looks very well done.


Small critique would be to highlight your leather straps a bit more. They get a little lost in the weathering of the armor. Take this one for what its worth as I am more into the cartoony look of painting, but a little more black/brown lining of the armor and such would really make the individual pieces stand out more.


Having said that if you do not do anything else to the mini, it looks very good on as it is now. Great job. Keep 'em coming.



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