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I've never seen a Mastodon come anywhere worth it's point value. I've never even made them priority targets because I've seen them be so ineffective.

Ask Neil how effective a Mastodon can be Spartan. Better yet, come up to NukeCon and I'll show you. :devil:


Are you throwing down the gauntlet? :devil: I haven't looked at it really close but I'd bet an equal points cost of Banshee tanks would take a Mastodon. :lol:

Might be true if you can manuever the 3 Banshees so the Mastodon never gets a shot at them.


Mastodons are fickle, because they only get one shot. If you roll bad, they're worthless. But I've taken down a 70 in one shot, and followed up the next round with wiping out a Scorp.


In CAV1 they are my favorite model. I don't think they're the best, but they are my favorite. No idea what's going on with CAV2 tho.



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I can say that the mastodon is one of the models most likely to still be able to make a "1-shot 1-kill" against undamaged models when critical hits are involved. Only a handful of model outclass it in terms of raw CAV-killing power.


However, it has moved from being a combination CAV-Killer/Support Monster to being much more lethal in the supporting role, even against CAV's. :ph34r:

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Ask Neil how effective a Mastodon can be Spartan. Better yet, come up to NukeCon and I'll show you.


I knew you were going to say that. <_< Turns out Falcons are a little slow. Mine didn't quite make it to cover when Chrome's Mastadon crested that hill. Kabllewwyyy! Scrap metal.

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1 Mastadon @390


3 Banshees at 3x136 = 408.


Open Field? My Money is on the Mastadon. +4 ARM and a +10 Gun. only need to kill one a turn. the +4 ARM virtually eliminates the 3x+5 main guns of the Banshees. That, and the Mastadon has Range by 8" for the Main Gun, and 16" for the IF.


any Decent Cover Changes this to the Banshees.


I have Taken a Mastadon 1 on 1 with A Dictator, and a Nice Piece of Lvl 3 Terrain. Simple Stab and Run.



I have Seen Mastadons OSOK (one Shot one Kill) with a reasonable roll, and a Blown ARM Roll. I have also Stood IN FRONT of one, and shrugged off a 24 for 2 points of Damage. Returned 'em too ::D:


It all Depends on Who has invested how much in the little beasties. For the base Model, I Agree, not a Huge Threat, but with 1 or 2 upgrades, can become DANGEROUS!


Then again, this can be said of aKahn for goodness sakes..... :ph34r:




<personally, preferring a '70>

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Well, since this thread started as a CAV 2 question, I will try to steer it back that way.


I do agree that the Mastadon is more powerful in CAV 2 than in CAV 1, even with the single shot. As discussed at length in other threads that under the current structure of things, RAV 5 with FRS and AoE of 3, doing a scan to fire and shooting across a table, it will hit many an enemy.


But even having said that, I don't necessarily think it bypasses several of the other Super sized CAVs in terms of points. The fact that it does only have one shot, as well as the fact that in CAV 2, shots that hit only do 1 point of damage (not counting the crit chance as it is equal for all units based on the need to roll the perfect 10 - a mastadon has the same chance to roll a 10 as any other unit unlike in CAV1 where its uber gun had a better chance of getting the crit)


Certainly should not be higher points than the Rhino or Thunderbird. Course that is just my opinion there.

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