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Fantasy names

Reaper Ron

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I was wondering how you name your mini's in general.  So you just pluck them out of thin air huh?  I wasn't so sure if the sculptors themselves name them.  Guess not.


Sorry couldn't help much.   :p


I just use alot of compound words for last names of elves.  But mostly, I try and find previous names from famous/favorite fantasy novels and just alter them.


The Wheel of time series has many wonderful name ideas.  Just take a peek at the glossery.  Same goes with LOTR.



Ariston Trigorn

Lenny Copperpot (I love this name.  Great for npc's, theives or any comedic characters).

Lady Pharangezee (I suck at spelling, but it sounds nice).

Kwilla Rosewood (Halfling or elf)

Zanzery Nojibock Arledu Calidagrave (Zan for short. Wonderful gnome name.)

Vim Stronghammer (dwarf)



I have more on a list somewere in my campaign notes......

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Most of the coolness of a fictional namespace comes from consistency, a.k.a. the illusion of a real language behind the names. Any linguist can describe this in fancier terms, but I mean the character set, frequency of appearance of each letter and combinations of letters both common and nonexistent.


Because devising a whole language is a bit more than most of us are willing to do, however, it is often easiest to find language proxies from the real world and either use their namespace directly, or apply a couple of well-selected transforms (changes in pronounciation, dropping, adding or replacing letters or combinations of). Of course, this fails miserably when a hungarian guy tells you your evil overlord's name means "fluffy bunny". But that didn't stop GW/Flame/Hogshead from naming a certain riverside town Bögenhafen. Or Tolkien from naming one of his elves Teleporno (IIRC from words 'telep' and 'orno', innocent enough on their own). <g>

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My archer from my last game as a player was a female elf named Kashmir (like LZ song)


other recent names I've come up with are Bruno Thunderhammer(yes it's a hammer name) I based the whole character off a recent release WK dwarf mini from DH(his shield has a hammer with bolts comin off it), other names(not mine) Simon for a wizard & Baywind for a elf.





Randy M

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David Drake once wrote  a story in which all the Elves last names were pharmaceuticals.

    My best name was for a grave robber-Dungeonomous. Named after the place he was concieved and borne in...

    I had a player who when creating a character, would "Kayser Soze" the name. he would look around the room, and steal sylables of anything he could read. He had a guy named "Von Fen". everyone thought it was a cool, original name. then I noticed my painting of "The Aircraft of Manfred VON RichtoFEN". It was the third time he had done it. My wife threatened to leavs a package of sanitary products and a can of Spam out next time he created a character.

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Well, after one of my favorite characters: Murdock Halfbeard.  He'd be a hammer-wielding warrior who disdains the use of shields.  One side of his face would be horribly mutilated, a souvenir of his last encounter with his evil brother, a necromancer who destroyed most of the dwarven folk.


All recommendations as to which half of his beard should be missing should be referred to Hard Eight Enterprises.

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I'm a fane of the "almost real name" game. Things like Jonas Kane - wickedly cool, actual name but fanasty-like in it';s sound.


So far, Reaps have done excellent work in assigning names IMO.  I'm a bit bored with the dwarven Beerguzzlers, Hornhammers, and Rocklegs myself.  Same with the often oddball "funny names" that tend to go with hobbits.  It would be nice to see names for these coming from something other than the very obvious LotR/D&D influences.


I'm partial of late to plays on actual welsh & celtic names.  My most recent hybrid is named Caemerlyn Sontaigne.


Caemerlyn was derived from the actual name Cameron, with a few vowels mixed about, and added the spelling of Merlin in there just for fun.  His last name, Sontaigne, came from the movie 13th Warrior.  I'm not really sure if it is accurate or not, but when the Herald comes to meet the warriors at the shore, and then introduces them to the aged king, it sounded like he said "This is Bulvie, Son of the High Thane Jiliak", which I thought sounded like Sontaigne High Jiliak.


So, there ya go.   :)


I'm big on names actually. A name should reflect the character in question.  (As Jonas Kane does.) Names are important, and taken too lightly by many players that I have met.

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A bunch of the following names I used in a story that I was writing oh-so-many years ago, but stopped because I got the hero-type character into a situation that I couldn't logistically get them out of. So here's what I have:


-Airron (Pronounced as Aaron or Erin)

-Begorn (Dwarf)

-Aurgoth (Created evil-wizard-type character before I knew of the existence of Morgoth)

-Barolos (Earth-Elemental-Type Dragon)

-Bellian (Was a female Elf, half-elf slayer)



-Pompiganogwa (Large Halfling settlement)


The next are from a quest that I'm still developing:


-Tarlix (Orc Barbarian)

-Grenalon (Orc Warlord)

-Grontag (Orc Shaman)

-Deluthra (Evil Female Cleric)

-Darian Blackwell (Human Bounty Hunter)

-Alanisea (Female Wild-Elf)



-Anæreth (which then became Danareth)





So that's what I have for the time being.

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Ooooh, names...


Isfret (f) (Egyptian/fighter/soldier)

Merkaura (m) (Egyptian/pharaoh (fake one in one of my games))

Xiulan Li (f) (Chinese/monk)

Imoko Kishiro (f) (Japanese/fighter/ronin)

Ja'Reel Xenthra (f) (pirate)

Faramoth Brighteyes (f) (elf/theif/ranger)

Shaena Starshine (f) (elf/druid)

Brigit Holdaham (f) (dwarf/fighter)

Kasra Sor-Rell (f) (human nomadic fighter/mage)

Nekur Maukarrht (f) (Egyptian, sorta/fighter)

Soren Blackfang (m) (elven necromancer)

Rysa (f) (drow liche/necromancer)

Khallos (m) (human assassin)

Gorf the Dwarf (m) (dwarven fighter with pet frog and HUGE axe)

Rhianni (f) (Aquatic Elf/Rogue/Fighter)



Feel free to use as you wish  :D


or not.


Oh, those with links are to pictures of those I actually have pictures of.

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