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Fantasy names

Reaper Ron

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One thing I always loved to do was rename all the character in videogame rpgs.


Here's a list of some of my old d&d char. names:


Joflij Draiocht:  Crazy wood elf mage

Grithwa: Human fallen Paladin

Femme Unadalin:  Elf thief

Nozama:  Giantess fighter

Paleslave:  Human bezerker that thought he was a dwarf

Tobaiis:  Human priest of the harvest  (nothing like a cleric

            with a scythe)

Rojin: Living Golem (don't ask), fighter/mage

Jikano Tasslen:  Wood elf ranger

Taulder "Eaglehart":  Drow (good aligned) fighter

Xnothe:  Evil human mage (wizard of Thay for those FR


Unemortis:  pronouced "oon-eh-more-tis" , was a teifling

               fighter, also an avartar of the god of torture.

Promethius:  Robotic fighter.

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I like the name Wumby for a Halfling.  :D


I named a barbarian Thanlax once.  I don't know if I read it in a novel or if it came to me in a dream.  It gave me the impression of "I would rather smash your face than talk to you" kind of feeling.

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I prefer names that have a basis in "reality", a naming comvention, even if it's invented.  Many of my humans and hobbits follow the "First name followed by profession" convention.  Thomas Gardener, George Barrowdigger, Jerald Smith.  Dwarves use a psuedoNordic version of the same. Tharawon Holmjar.  Elves come in two sorts, "light and airy sounding" or "light and airy yet deadly".  Erindel Ythimeth, Nuriemy Ioreny  or  Loranar Cathnemol.
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Don't know if it will be much help but I can add the char's from our current campaign:


Jacob Ravenhart (human ranger)

Bloodnut the Flatulent (dwarf--taken from a name mentioned in Shrek)

Dowlamyr (elven wizard)

Ash (elven druid)

Payne (human fighter)

Ceos Ahedun (half-elf cleric)

Whisper (elven thief/bard)

Mordic (half-orc fighter)


And yes, it is a blast playing with these guys as you might guess from some of the names!




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I've never been very good at naming my chars.  Here are the ones I can remember :

Everquest chars

Aderra  Human Shadowknight

Bogurim  Orge Warrior

Maraina  Erudite Paladin

Ninieve  Wood elf Ranger  (I got the name from Arthurian legend, not Wheel of Time)

Thiawolf  Half elf (I believe) Druid  (My husband made the char for me as a Christmas gift)

Zasteena  Dark elf Enchanter


General names

Minolin  Drow warrior wizard

Kurroc  Minotaur Paladin

Korrim  Human thief

Kianna  Half elf Cleric

Poof  Bat Sorcerer  (Long story)

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J'Kano &



have the right ring to them for Skoli names. Thanks for the inspiration, Grithwa! (Not trying to steal credit, just adapting your spelling so that I can steal the names themselves!)

Hey NP CripDyke,


I always loved coming up with the perfect names for characters.  Sometimes the name of a character is the icing on the cake......sometimes its even enough to inspire a little fear into your players, like "Unemortis" did.  


Names for skoli...hmmmm.....Krathtawl, Vissilith, Rrigsok....hehehehe fun fun fun.


BTW,  Feel free to use the names, I would be honored to have someone  be inspired by me.  


Plagerism is the most sincere form of flattery.

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 I tend to use names from the Elder Edda

(Durin, Thorin, Froda, Bilba, Oakenshield, Gandalf, etc)

German words

(Berg, Krieg, Ketzer, Davon, Angeben, Stramm, etc)

or gemanic sounding invented names

(Dvolun < umlaut over the o >, Dwalin the Younger, etc)


You can also check into old AD&D books, Kalamar, Warhammer, etc, for dwarven names.


Hope that helps.

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Since this is an old topic, I don't know if you still want ideas, but here we go:


Sir Mathias St. George (dragonslayer)

Maris Thistledown


Tarlyn Gaelinar (elven ranger)


Arlekan Antilles

Dame Minerva Barrington aka "The Minerva"



Khrysie or Khrystinne    pronounced /cry' see/

Sir William D'acre

Alexandria Foxtail

Alsatia Saratov


adding the angelic suffix riel or rial to most common names gives them a nice kick.








Blossomrial, Bubblesrial and Buttercu.....nevermind.


Just a smackerel of ideas.






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Thought I'd add a few names to the list. Several of them are my husbands and my characters from various rpg's, both online and pen/paper..past n present. Also among them are my current group's pc's names. :)



Lirrin Vallenwood

Coronis Adara Solana- CAS for short ;)




Domni :blush:

Nebuchadnezar :love:





Meria Winterberry







Ignisious Bloodybeard






Gaebryn Tyne


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