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CAV 2 and Hero Upgrades?

Saint of Sinners

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Saddly since I haven't been able to join in on any of the beta testing I've been forced to sit back and read all the exciting changes unfolding. Here and there I've been catching lil' tidbits about some of the new things... which of course has made me curious... One thing in pecticular caught my attenion. Hero Upgrades...


Ok... I'll assume this will eventually take the place of the Pilot/wzo upgrade (all though I also heard they were only suppose to be available for certain senerios). Well, after see what Wizkids has done with their pilot cards for MW:AoD, I'm excited to see what Reaper could do.


Oh, I really like this... I see future feature Download written all over this with player interaction.


For those who aren't following me, which I'll assume is everyone :;): , what the Hero Upgrades are (or so I'm ah thinkin') special abilities and/or bonus tied to a certain character that can be purchase like other upgrades if you meet certain requirements.


Just as an example:


Name: William "Wylde Bill" Kelso

CAV Pilot


Requirements: Terran Faction, CAV ( this could further narrowed down to a pecticular CAV like a Starhawk VI named "1941")


Special ABility: Bloodlust /2 (or whatever the CAV 2 version is)


Cost 15pts


Basically by buying this upgrade you'd be giving a model access to special abilities normally not assocaited with it while also being required to follow the restrictions for the upgrade (fielding a Terran pure faction and used for CAVs only).


Hopefully now you understand what I'm talkin' about...


Now as for being player interactive... I'm thinking players could submit their personal characters with lil' bios and suggested SA or bonuses to Reapergames in exchange for Support points like fan fiction or art. Then the reaper peeps would chose the best of the best and release them as feature downloads (after a good healthy dose of playtesting).

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