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Faction Discussion: Poll on Favorite


What is your favorite faction and why?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite faction and why?

    • Crusaders
    • Darkspawn
    • Dwarves
    • Elves
    • Mercenaries
    • Necropolis
    • Nefsokar
    • Overlords
    • Reptus
    • Reven
    • Razig's Revenge
    • Freelance
    • Generic/Homegrown

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I am liked minded with Spike. Just love the orcs and goblins, especially the goblins. And Ogres and Trolls oh my! Once they have enough goblin models, I am hoping to phase orcs out of my Reven force if possible, except for a few necessary models (like Varaug). The other nice bit is that they will come in handy for AD&D when you need orcs and gobbos as monsters. Oh look, I have about 70 of em right here...



Next will be Dwarves, natural enemies of the Orcs, and pretty sweet models.

Next will be Overlords. I just like the figures, and they are just nasty.

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Yes, Goblins are evvvvil. :devil:


I wouldn't go for an all Skeeter army, they need melee ground support too.


I am hoping for a Capt and some foot soldiers for the expansion book. Maybe a set of Worg rider Cavalry too!


Mobs and mobs of little annoying monsters.


We may not kill you with one mighty blow, but a thousand nicks will spill your blood just as nice.

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(Last week in black--This week colored)

Total Taltain Fighting Companies:

Necropolis 53--> 55

Crusaders 46 --> 47

Elves 42 --> 41

Dwarves 38 --> 39

Nefsokar 26 --> 26

Mercenary 25 --> 31

Reptus 21 --> 21

Reven 21 --> 21

Darkspawn 19 --> 21

Overlords 17--> 18


308 total -- 320 Total


Looks like the Mercs are doing some major recruiting!

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