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D&D game in Rome

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Looking for 4 players for a Roman based game starting at 5th level. I only want to use WotC core books and class books for character generation. 32 point buy, 800 gp starting gold.


Your character backgrounds can be tied as an employee of Ardimus Saralis, a wealthy owner of a construction company who is incharge of the Auqeduct and plumbing construction in Rome, an Aruarius for the Roman gov't (knowledge and/or profession skills in Eng & architecture), body guard or security, a slave, a wizard/sorc from the local college magi college or a representative of a church.


You have a personal letter of summons from a senator, Munatium Sabinus, asking you to meet him at his residence for dinner.

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You got space for a fighter/sorcerer?


Basic concept - dude who started out as a soldier/legionnaire and then found out he's got 'the talent' and spent the last couple of years working on battle magics for use in support of his old friends in the legions.

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Racial backgrounds. Dwarves take the place of the barbaric Gauls who ran naked down the mountainside screaming war chants and easily defeated the Roman armies in their first encounters. Dwarves do not necessarily get the same respect or enjoy all rights of citizenship, but they are seen from time to time.


Elves are Egyptians, guardians of the birthplace of humanity and life. They are very rare outside of Egyptian colonies.


Gnomes are a slave race, there own culture wiped into extinction hundreds of years before. There are few free gnomes, but occasionally they are freed, but most often are kidnapped and made into slaves again. You can be a skilled slave on this adventure.


Halflings don’t exists

Halforcs would only be slaves of the lowest degree.

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I am going to be using this game as a test for an adventure I am working on. With that in mind, I will be asking you questions from time to time about encounters NPCs, what would you have done, etc..


I may also be adding in house rules to better reflect a Roman feel. The first one I am working on is linking some core gods to skills and if you perform rituals, sacrafices, offerings etc, you can earn temporary bonuses to certain skills. Each god will cover a few different skills and you could do these offerings to as many gods as you like. I am thiking of doing this to reflect the Roman way of religion. It was not a faith based system like we see now, but a give and take. People offered to the gods for their own benefit and not for a goal of heaven or a feeling of reverance or even holiness.


I am still working this out, so this may be added during game play.

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